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Awesome Pet Gift Ideas: Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Nowadays, pets are family. We shower them with love and gifts all year long, and that doesn’t stop at Christmastime! Pets may not truly know what holiday it is, but they enjoy gifts just as much as anyone, and buying for them can be a lot of fun! They’re also great gift recipients to try out your handmade gift skills on! If you have pets and haven’t decided on what to give them for Christmas this year, check out these 11 Awesome Pet Gift Ideas!

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Awesome Pet Gift Ideas

Advent Calendar For Dogs: This is a clever way to give your dog a treat leading up to the holiday!

If you have a pet owner to shop for, consider a cute Christmas ornament and candle from Rover

The Christmas ornament is a cute touch to celebrate 2020, and the candle is a sweet-smelling holiday gift for pet owners. Rover has more than just dog walking — try their gifts too!

Pet Bed: Is your pet’s old bed flattened or permanently dirty? Consider giving them a new one! Both dogs and cats love napping, so a new bed is sure to be a highly appreciated pet gift!

Christmas-themed Treats: Around Christmas time, pet treat manufacturers come up with dozens of cute Christmas-themed treats like Christmas trees and candy canes. Most pets love treats, so consider filling their stocking with some new festive ones! Try carrots and apples (and make sure to remove the seeds!).

Christmas-themed Toys: Pet toy manufacturers also release tons of fun Christmas-themed pet toys in November and December! There is likely a Santa toy for every pet, regardless of whether they like toys that squeak, crinkle, or are made for chewing.

Treat Puzzle Toys: If your pet loves treats and toys, then how about getting them a pet gift that’s both? Find a toy that you can hide treats in and your pet will have fun trying to get them out!

Homemade Toys: Homemade pet toys are really easy and inexpensive to make! You could sew a new toy, or upcycle something like an empty water bottle into a fun toy to keep your pet busy this holiday season!

Clothes: Let’s be honest, most pet clothes purchases are really for us, so we can talk about how cute our pets look! But aside from making pets even cuter, items like coats and booties can help keep your pets warm in winter and protect them from the elements, making them great pet gifts!

Leash and Collar: If you’re trying to think of pet gift ideas, have you considered something as simple as a new leash and collar? These everyday pet items get worn down and stretched out over time. Consider getting your pet a new pretty collar to wear into the New Year! You could even get a specialty collar, to keep your pet from slipping out or to help with pulling. No one said the gift can’t benefit you, too!

Gear: If you often take your dog hiking, swimming, or on other adventures, how about getting them some appropriate gear? You could get them a pack that lets them carry their own water, a life jacket or a reflective vest to help keep them visible and safe.

Water Fountain: Another great gift idea is a pet water fountain! These fountains help keep water circulating, which makes it fresher and tastier than if it just sat stagnant in a bowl. Many fountains also have filters, to help purify the water even more!

Gift Card: Some pet parents don’t have the resources in their budget every month to buy food and toys. Buying them a gift card to their favorite pet supply store could really ease the burden and help them afford some delicious, nutritious food. Or, if you already know what they like, you can put together a gift pack of treats, toys and food!

What gifts do you usually give your pets?

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