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Unusual Gifts To Give to Someone Special

Purchasing gifts for those you care about can be a stress-filled event when you canโ€™t remember what you bought last year for which person, or if they liked the item of not. With so many choices over so many years, the task can be overwhelming. Take the stress out of shopping for someone special for birthdays, anniversaries, or holiday events with the list of five unusual gifts below.

1. Window Herbs

If you have a chef in your home, you know the importance of fresh herbs in tasty recipes. Now you can give that special friend or loved one an indoor window herb garden โ€“ hydroponic style. Grown in mason jars, you can choose from basil, cilantro, sage, and more.

2. Personalized Car Mats

For those individuals that love their vehicles, keeping them clean can be a constant time drain, so offer the floors some protection with custom logo rubber car floor mats. Whether your special person loves rubber styles or carpeted mats, you can find it.

3. Oil Diffuser Jewelry

For anyone that loves the scented oils that are currently popular, give them a chance to carry their favorite scent with them while wearing a piece of oil diffuser jewelry. You can find rings, pendants, oil bracelets, and hair accessories. Donโ€™t forget the oil when you give your special gift!

4. Charging Bracelet

For those people that are constantly in need of a charging cord, surprise them with a bracelet that is actually able to plug into compatible tablets and phones to charge them right up. The bracelet has a charming look, and your special someone will be proud to wear it.

5. Chainsaw Knife

There has never been a more useful and unusual gift than this electric knife shaped like a chainsaw. When your special one opens the gift, it may make him or her laugh, but wait until he or she uses it at the next family gathering! Created to easily slice through meat, cheese, and bread, this electric knife may become the star of any party.

If you want to find a gift that will delight those you care about, why not start by searching the list above for an unusual gift that will please or delight on many levels. You donโ€™t have to go back to presenting gift cards โ€“ just choose one of the five items listed above to delight that special someone and leave them with a memorable impression of your gift-giving abilities. If you want to stay on a budget when you prep your shopping list, I have some frugal gifting ideas too!

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