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Welcome to Sunny Sweet Days. I’m Krystal and have been publishing easy recipes, cocktails, and DIY ideas for busy families since 2010. I have a background in influencer marketing and love to create content. This blog started off to document my pregnancy and family stories and developed into a destination website for travel ideas and seasonal holiday content.

Grab a drink and cozy up! I have over 1,000 recipes that you can browse from salads, drinks, and smoothies. Want more? Look at my newly launched Busy Beach Life website which is a place for cute recipes and Florida lifestyle. You can also find me at Busy in Florida, Busy Printables, and Busy on the Bike.

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An Easy Guide To Understanding How Stem Cell Technology Works

Medicine is an ongoing field that continuously changes and evolves. Researchers and medical experts continue to conduct studies regularly to find the next best treatment for an existing disease. Regenerative medicine is becoming more prominent in the medicine field as studies provide promising evidence of its effectiveness to repair body tissue and a variety of…

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From sweet treats to savory sides, there is something for everyone! Look at my recipe index for a full list of easy to sort recipes.