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Creative DIY Rustic Planters

I am kind of obsessed with succulents and simple gardening tips. I’m no green thumb and I don’t have my own garden, but I do love plant life! Here are a few simple ideas for creating a rustic planter.

rustic planters

Creative DIY Rustic Planters

Get creative and create your own rustic planter with these DIY ideas!

I actually made a DIY chalkboard planter using concrete blocks, paint, and a little creativity. We had a small outdoor patio at our last home, and I wanted an easy way to display my succulents.

Chalkboard Garden Shelf

Check out my DIY on this post: Chalkboard Garden Shelves.

Looking for more garden inspiration?

Fairy Garden DIY

Try one of these DIY fairy gardens or make your own teacup garden.

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