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5 Ideas to Create Your Own Advent Weath

Growing up, I saw many variations of the Advent wreath, but none as creative as the new takes seen on Pinterest these days. I’ve been hunting for the perfect candles (pillars, not tapers) in the perfect colors (yes, color matters), and this year, I finally got my act together in time to create a simple display.

Creative Advent Wreaths
I wanted to keep the focus on the candles and I wanted larger ones, so I wouldn’t have to keep ordering more year after year. The center candle is a 12-inch pillar from Watts & Co. The London-based company makes their Church Candles from blended beeswax in small batches, using sustainable materials whenever possible. They sell every size imaginable, so one is guaranteed to work with your wreath.

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You can find information about the significance of each color here, but today, people seem to be opting for the more readily available white or ivory candles and putting a unique twist on their wreaths.

Here are 5 fresh ideas for this classic tradition:

Use ornaments to identify each candle. This simple display over at House for Five uses a platter, four white candles, greens, twine and colored ornaments to do the trick. The ornaments add just the right amount of sparkle.

Use Mason jars. This crafty display at Tomorrow With a Smile is right on trend. Instead of using colors to signify each candle, they used tags with the labels Peace, Love, Hope and Joy written on them.

Paint vases and put votives inside. This easy idea from White House Black Shutters allows you to use whatever candles you can find, while still using the traditional colors.

Number the candles.ย Use numbered tags to identify each candle by week, like they did in this modern-rustic display at An Extraordinary Day.

Use Epsom saltย to look like snow. I love this idea and may still add it to my own Advent wreath! Check out the way they set the candles in Epsom salt to look like sparkling snow over at Yellow Bliss Road.

Is your Christmas style more traditional or modern? How do you display your Advent candles? You might like this Creative DIY Dough Advent Wreathย orย Teaching Toddlers Thankfulness With 7 Thankful Days.ย 

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