4 Benefits of Contact Lenses for Sports

If you are someone who enjoys sports and also wears glasses, the chances are that you’ve considered switching to contact lenses. Some people don’t like the idea of contacts because it is a little disconcerting to put something in your eye until you get used to it! However, when you do get used to it, you’ll find that it can be a lot more convenient than wearing glasses and that your sporting performance may actually improve.


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Better peripheral vision

The main competitive advantage offered to people wearing contacts over people wearing glasses is that their peripheral vision is better. Your peripheral vision is anything that you see that’s outside of your main field of focus, for example, someone approaching you from one side of the other to pass you a ball.

Your contact lenses will usually have the same prescription as your glasses, so the amount that your vision is improved is the same, but contact lenses have an advantage because they move with your eye wherever it goes, which helps you to better track action on the playing field. Glasses will always stay in one place, which can make it more difficult to see things on the edges of your vision.

Better depth perception

Depending on the thickness of your glasses and how far away they actually sit from your eye, can alter the quality of your depth perception. Glasses will always have a magnifying effect, which can make objects appear either further away or closer than they actually are, which is a problem for athletes.

If you are trying to catch a ball or hit one with a bat, you need to be able to see exactly where it is!

Contact lenses are very thin, and they rest directly on the eye. This means that they don’t have the same magnification effect as glasses, which in turn means that wearing contacts will give you better depth perception than wearing glasses will.

Clarity of vision

A further benefit of contact lenses is that they are constantly washed clean by your tears when you blink, which means that your vision should always be completely clear. By comparison, glasses are prone to smudges and marks that can become distracting when you’re playing sports.

Sports contacts are specifically designed to give the best possible clarity of vision for athletes, as well as enhanced comfort.

Comfort and convenience

One of the major advantages of contact lenses over glasses in most situations, and especially with sports is the convenience factor. Glasses are an extra weight on your face, and they can be difficult to fit underneath protective helmets. Contact lenses sit flush to your eye, which means that they are much easier to manage alongside sports equipment. 

Glasses are also much more likely to fall off while playing sports, which means that you suddenly can’t see properly in the middle of a game, and you will potentially have a bill for a replacement pair on your hands. Contact lenses on the other hand should always stay in place, which means that you can focus on whatever you are doing.

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