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Party Planning Rules You Must Follow Holiday Season

The holiday season in 2021 will surely be a lot happier than last year as you need not celebrate in quarantine. But at-home parties are the safest choice because the virus is still here. It makes sense to avoid crowds at the busiest party venues to skip the risk of infection in such places. Thankfully, you can invite your friends and loved ones home and celebrate together within a smaller group of people. But it is vital to plan the event so that you can make it safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some party planning rules you can follow for organizing one at home this holiday season. 

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Start with a budget

When it comes to party planning in 2021, the budget takes the front seat. After all, money is tight for everyone these days, and budgeting can help you stay within limits. Calculate how much you can afford to spend and plan accordingly. It will help you decide the guest list, menu, and even the spending on decor and music. The good thing about starting with a budget is that you can look for deals beforehand. It helps you to avoid spending more during the holidays. Prices often go up when the festive season is around, and you can get smart by buying things beforehand.

Prioritize social distancing

Perhaps the most significant party planning rule right now is to ensure social distancing. Consider your space constraints and pick your guest list accordingly. The risk of the virus persists, and crowding your space is not the smartest thing to do. Choose a decor theme and activities that facilitate proper distance between guests. Even better, plan an outdoor party if the weather permits. You can set up a canopy and bonfire to make it more weather-appropriate. 

Think outside the box 

After missing out on the holiday fun in 2020, everyone wants this year to be more special than ever. If you wish to organize a gathering at home, think outside the box to make it enjoyable for your guests. For example, a cannabis-themed party is a great idea if you have a gang of cannabis-loving friends. Thankfully, you can order your stash from one of the local dispensaries if you live in a legal state. The good thing is that it is legal in many states, so accessibility is not a concern. Decide a menu with infused edibles, have enough stash for vaping, and let everyone have a good time. But make sure that they consume optimally. 

Explore the idea of a potluck 

A potluck party is an excellent idea to explore this holiday season. It will reduce your expenses and limit your workload of organizing the gathering. Moreover, your guests will probably love the idea of bringing their best dishes and relishing them with everyone around. You can connect with your friends and decide the menu beforehand. Everyone volunteers to bring a dish on the menu, and you have a lavish treat with zero effort.  Make sure everyone is on the same page so that there are no repeat dishes.

Choose a theme

Another party planning rule you can follow this holiday season is to host a theme party to bring an element of interest. Think beyond the common ones like retro and Hollywood-style. You can try a COVID-themed party and encourage the guests to bring positive vibes with happy ideas. Give them ample time to prepare for the theme by informing them in advance. They can bring creative ideas about dressing and even share a few for theme games and activities. Everything boils down to how creative you and your guests can get about the party theme.

Make it a mix of virtual and in-person

You cannot deny the threat of the virus, regardless of the vaccines and the lower number of cases. Some people may still be apprehensive about attending events, but they wouldn’t want to miss out too. It is a good idea to invite guests in person and let the others join virtually. Staying connected with your loved ones matters the most, whether you do it physically or virtually. Pick activities everyone can enjoy and ensure that virtual guests do not feel left out.

Planning a holiday party this season may take some extra work and good thinking. But the effort is worthwhile because it connects you with friends and loved ones. Just make sure that everyone has a good time without worrying about safety. Get creative with your party ideas, and you can be the best host this holiday season! 

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