Different Types Of Blinds For Your Home and How To Know Which One To Pick

Choosing the right blinds for your home can be an exhausting amount of work and effort, as such decisions are for the long run. Furthermore, different factors can easily influence your decisions, such as the specific type of blind (weโ€™ll talk about it later in the text), the position of the windows, the sunlight exposure during different parts of the day, and how well it incorporates into the overall design of the house. With all this said, we made it a lot easier for you by simply giving a brief explanation in the text below on how to pick the right blinds and the different types out there. 

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Different blinds for different rooms 

This goes without saying, as the right blinds greatly depend on whether you plan on putting them up in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Our humble suggestions are as follows: 


Shutters are an amazing option for the kitchen giving it more of a rustic and cozy atmosphere. Shutters have a wide appliance and can be used for little halfway windows or possible outdoor glass gardens. However, their use in the kitchen is most notable due to them giving you extra privacy and being stunningly decorative, and with the current options available, you can choose between polymer-coated shutters giving you extra durability and strength (they have also proven to be long lasting), or you go for basswood giving the whole space a more rustic, plain and homely look. We do, however, recommend the coated ones for these are exposed to more warmth and moisture, such as the kitchen or even the bathroom, while the wooden ones are perfect for other areas of the house. 


Blinds for bifold doors, roof lanterns, and conservatories are other options with them being extremely popular for summer houses during the season. Now, bifold blinds are giving you extra privacy if you happen to be exposed to the outside, thereby making private gatherings around the kitchen counter less intimate. Roof lanterns are a kid’s favorite, but with the weather influencing the experience, some blinds can be ideal for particularly hot days when you need some cover. Conservatories, on the other hand, are an intriguing portion of the house to install blinds in because they are typically built to create an indoor-outdoor experience. The best solution might be getting bespoke conservatory blinds, for youโ€™ll have the freedom of choosing the material, as youโ€™ll want more or less sun and outside exposure and more or less privacy. With the correct material, you may turn your conservatory into an extra room, as the blinds can provide total coverage and protection, although in the summer and on sunny days, the reverse is the case. So the conservatory with the right blinds can serve you as additional space, and become a great place to host holidays during colder seasons, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.ย 

The bedroom is most suited for some roman style blinds, as they are a favorite of art lovers and those appreciating elegance and sophistication. Furthermore, the blinds themselves give you the needed privacy while at the same time offering the opportunity of enjoying the morning sun with a loved one by your side. If you happen to have larger windows than usual, tailored ones are easy to get and can provide you with a great solution to your problem. 

Roller Blinds

Another option, though sometimes overlooked, is roller blinds. They have found their appliance in narrow spaces and triangle-shaped windows. They are mesmerizing and beautiful, protecting your furniture and room from excessive exposure to sunlight. They are simple and extremely durable, easy to maintain and take care of, and are precisely measured and fitted into any space. People often choose roller blinds for their workspace or attic, art studio, or music one. They give the needed protection, are durable and long-lasting, and with the new design available, they are also aesthetically pleasing. 

A modern solution

With everything becoming increasingly digitized, blinds have also followed the newest trends and have come up with a modern solution: electric blinds. Most are skeptical about their duration, durability, and how well the motor can withstand the test of time and constant usage, however, remote-controlled electric blinds have found their place in many homes offering the same as their manual counterparts with the additional luxury. Electric blinds have swept the market by storm, providing you with a simple adjustment of your blinds no matter the time or area of the house, thanks to an operating program that gives you the entire control over the blinds with your phone or tablet and a remote. The warranty also applies to the machinist, so in the event of a problem, you can always rely on specialists to handle it.

With the variety of available options, it might be a bit hard to make the right pick, and it really comes down to your personal choice and preference. In any case, youโ€™ll enjoy the comfort of having some shade in the house and privacy whenever there is a need for it. 

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