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Whole30 Stocking Stuffers

Is your entire family on the whole foods diet and lifestyle? If so, your stocking stuffers are no longer going to consist of tiny foil-wrapped balls of chocolate and big chocolate Santaโ€™s. Instead, you want to re-think how you do stocking stuffers with these tips.

Whole30 Stocking Stuffers

Whole Food Snacks

First of all, keep in mind that you donโ€™t have to add any types of snacks or treats to a Christmas stocking. While this has become a modern tradition, there are definitely a lot of other ways to choose fun stocking stuffers. With that being said, there are still some yummy whole food snacks that you can add to a stocking stuffer. This includes any types of fruits, including oranges and apples, along with packages of dates, raisins, and dried fruit. You can also choose packages of beef jerky, nuts, and seeds.

Water Bottle

For a stocking stuffer that isnโ€™t food-related, why not include a fun water bottle? This is great for anyone on the whole foods diet since they arenโ€™t drinking much aside from water and juice if they make their own. They are not drinking soda, milk, or fruit juice that contains sugar. Including a water bottle is a really great stocking stuffer. It can be one that is personalized, a water bottle with a filter, or even an infusing water bottle if they like to add fruits and veggies to their water to flavor it.

Small Kitchen Gadgets

Donโ€™t forget that someone on the whole foods diet is going to need a lot of different kitchen gadgets for chopping, slicing, dicing, and preparing. For example, they will eat a lot of fruit, so they can probably use a peeler, apple corer and slicer, or a pineapple slicer. Some other little tools and gadgets that are good include a small set of paring knives, coasters, handheld can opener, or even a bottle opener for anyone who still drinks their one glass of red wine each night.

Spice Blends

For someone on this type of special diet and starting a new lifestyle, they are going to do a lot of cooking. You can put together some signature spice blends, put them in little jars, label them, and include them as stocking stuffers. This is not only a unique gift that is perfect for a whole foods lifestyle, but it is something personalized so it also means a little more than if you were to buy spices as they are sold in stores.

How can you give healthy gifts this year?

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