It’s Time to Make Your Bedroom More Grownup

It can take a long time before you really feel like an adult. When it comes to your home, transitioning between college dorms, shared houses and your first home alone or with a partner means that it can be years before you feel like you’re in your first grownup home. By this time, you can realize that you don’t really have a very grownup approach to interior design. Over the years, you collect random things, and you end up with an eclectic selection of furniture (and things masquerading as furniture), art, and knick-knacks. If you feel like your bedroom isn’t very adult, there are some easy tricks that you can use to make it more grownup.

Get Rid of the Floordrobe

Keeping your clothes neat and tidy isn’t always as easy as it sounds. What do you do with the clothes that you’ve worn but aren’t yet dirty? How can you keep everything organized and have enough space for everything? The first thing you should do to improve your bedroom is to get your clothes off the floor, your bed, and any other furniture. Make sure you have plenty of storage for your clothes and use a system to organize everything. If you have clothes that you wear multiple times, consider using a small clothes rail to hang them up, instead of leaving them on the floor or a chair.

Use Real Furniture

When you don’t have a lot of money or space, you end up using anything you can find as furniture. Empty crates become spare chairs, upturned boxes get turned into tables, and all sorts of random items become makeshift furniture. However, by the time you’re living in a real home of your own, it’s time to have real furniture too. Get rid of any of those bits and pieces that are cluttering up your home, and making everything look and feel temporary. Adult homes have real furniture, so buy some real pieces for your bedroom. You don’t need a matching set or to spend a lot.

Invest in a Top-quality Bed

Your bed is the main attraction in your bedroom. Not only does it affect how your room looks, but it makes a big difference to your sleep quality too. A quality bed is a must for any adult bedroom. The great thing about a bed is that it should last a long time, so once you choose one, you won’t need to go bed shopping again for a while. If you want your bed to last even longer, look for a flippable mattress. They can last longer than other mattresses because you can turn them and spread the wear and tear. Not all mattresses can be turned over like this, so it’s worth looking for one that can. If you need a headboard, don’t forget to research the best options.

Dress Your Bed Well

Once you have a comfortable bed, and one that looks good, you need to take care of it day to day. Choosing the right bedding will make your bedroom more adult and allow you to give it the look that you want. Instead of just having random sets of bedding that you have collected over the years, keep a couple of old sets for emergencies and buy some quality sheets to use the rest of the time. And if you’re going to make an effort to make your bed look good, you might as well take the time to set it straight every morning.

Add Some Bedside Tables

To complete the look of your bed, add a nightstand or two. This gives you somewhere to keep important things close by, whether it’s your glasses, the book you’re reading, or any medication that you’re taking. You won’t have to leave things on the floor or on the other side of the room, and you won’t have to use random things like stacks of books to put your stuff on. 

Create Layered Lighting

Getting the lighting right is essential if you want to design your bedroom well. Even though you have the lights off while you’re sleeping, you still need good lighting for plenty of other things. Instead of just having one main light in the ceiling, create layered lighting by adding lights at different levels. You might have an overhead light, but you can also add wall lights, lamps on your nightstands, a floor lamp and other types of lighting.

Make It Personal

Everyone should have a bedroom that’s personal to them. If you want to make your bedroom more adult, adding some personal touches will make it look warmer. You can hang some photos, add some things that you’ve bought while traveling, and perhaps even display some things that you’ve made yourself. If you share your bedroom with someone, make sure they get to leave their own stamp on the room too. It’s not really personalized if it’s only personalized to you.

Hang Some Artwork

You might not want to make your bedroom too cluttered. If you want a clean sleep environment, too much decoration could ruin that. However, there’s nothing wrong with hanging some artwork to brighten up the room. If you want to display some art, try choosing some soothing pieces that will help to create a calming room. You can also choose practical items that have an artistic style.

Create a Dressing Area

Unless you have a walk-in closet, you probably use your bedroom to get dressed, and maybe to do your hair and makeup too. A dedicated area of your room where you can get dressed and ready to walk out the door can help to keep your bedroom more organized. You don’t have to have too much. Somewhere to hang your outfit and perhaps a small vanity table to do your hair and makeup will give you a suitable area. It will also help you to keep your clothes, makeup and accessories confined to one part of your bedroom, instead of your whole room being taken over.

Your bedroom can be more adult with just a few simple changes. It’s time to ditch your youthful bedroom and get more grownup.

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