Meatless Burger Bar Party: Vegetarian Party Ideas

Celebrate summer with a burger bar party inspired by the flavors of MorningStar Farmsยฎ Burgers! We created burgers topped with our favorite condiments including sliced cheese, and we cooled off with refreshing Nestlรฉยฎ Sparkling Water. Keep reading to style your own backyard get together, and get ready to enjoy more time together with your family snacking on simple meal ideas!

Summer Burger Bar Party

Burger Bar Inspiration

To plan the party, I hit Walmart and stocked up on all our essentials. I looked for MorningStar Farmsยฎ Spicy Black Bean Burgers, Arnoldยฎ Country Potato Sandwich Buns, Great Valueโ„ข Cheese, Huntโ€™sยฎ Natural Ketchup, Guldenโ€™sยฎ Spicy Brown Mustard, Cholula Original Hot Sauce, Kleenexยฎ Wipes, Pringlesยฎ, Ziplocยฎ Brand Bags, and Nestlรฉ Sparkling Water.


Are you ready to create your own burger bar?

Summer Burger Bar Party

You can bring the burger bar home to create your own experience just like I did. I knew I wanted to try the NEW Morningstar Farmsยฎ Veggie and Meat Lovers Quarter Pound Veggie Burgers since they fill your bun with MORE flavor and leave you feeling full every time. Plus, each quarter pound burger is perfectly seasoned and packs each bite with plant-based protein and tasty veggies. I also went with my other favorite MorningStar Farmsยฎ product, the Spicy Black Bean Burger for an extra kick, and the veggie lovers burger has 12 different veggies, 2 seeds, and 2 grains, plus 10 grams of plant-based protein.

Summer Burger Bar Party

Once you have your burger ingredients, get ready to pick your favorite toppings!

Summertime Burger Recipe

Summer Burger Bar Party

Here is how I created my flavorful burgers.

I used spicy black bean burgers, Havarti sliced cheese, Cholula Original Hot Sauce, and a warm toasted burger bun.

Summer Burger Bar Party

You can mix it up though with ketchup, mustard, or your other favorite condiments.

Summer Burger Bar Party

How will you create your burger?

Summer Burger Bar Party

A good sandwich bun makes all the difference when creating your burger. You can toast them if you want for a boost to your burger if desired. Other ways to upgrade your burger include deli sliced cheese (thick slices for more flavor!), mixing condiments like ketchup and mustard, and including the right sides for snacking. The pizza and BBQ flavors of Pringlesยฎ are fun flavors to try!

Summer Burger Bar Party

Cool off at your burger party with Nestlรฉ Sparkling Water. It is made with real spring water, real fruit flavors, and refreshing bubbles. I love that it is free of calories, sugars, sweeteners, colors.

Summer Burger Bar Party

Are you ready to enjoy summer?

Meatless Recipe Ideas:

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