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20+ Simple Spring Salads

Since I work at home, my lunches include simple salads or sandwiches. I used to skip packing lunch when I worked outside the home in an office, but the convenience of working at home allows me to have extra time in the kitchen to prep for lunch! One of my favorite salads includes garlic shrimp and extra tomatoes, but ANY of these dishes can be perfect! You can double or triple the recipes to feed a family or use mason jars to store any leftovers.

spring salads

Spring Salad Recipes

20 Simple Spring Salads

Ready for a spring salad? Try one of these ideas! A spring salad is light and fresh and can use seasonal ingredients like strawberries.

Do you have a favorite spring salad? What ingredients pair together in your salads? Love using fruit and vegetables TOGETHER to make one delicious dish.


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