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Delicious Caprese Recipes: Recipe for Caprese Salad 🍅

Love Caprese salad? There are so many ways to enjoy the flavorful combination of tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinegar. From salads to sandwiches, try one of these unique ideas to upgrade your next Caprese!

Recipe for Caprese Salad

You can find balsamic glaze already made online or you can make it yourself in a saucepan with balsamic vinegar. This balsamic glaze is featured often in the recipes below. Grab some fresh tomatoes and mozzarella to pair with basil, and you will be ready to go!

Easy Caprese Recipes

Caprese Skewers by Fast and Fun Meals
Strawberry Caprese Skewers by Fast and Fun Meals
South Carolina Caprese Peach Salad by The Taylor House
Caprese Pizza by Hello Little Home
Caprese Salsa by Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt
Grilled Chicken Caprese by Delicious Meets Healthy
Caprese Pasta Salad by Swanky Recipes
Baked Caprese Pasta by Domestic Superhero
Caprese Chicken Salad by The Pinning Mama
Chicken Caprese Stuffed Mushrooms by My Crazy Good Life
Grilled Caprese Chicken by Pink When
Caprese Stuffed Turkey Burger by Hello Creative Family
Pesto Caprese Grilled Cheese by Cherished Bliss
 Caprese Burgers by Sunny Sweet Days
Caprese Salsa by Happy Go Lucky
Stuffed Caprese Chicken Breasts by Fast and Fun Meals

Caprese Burger

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