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7 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas from Dollar Tree

Each and every week, I’ll be sharing easy ways to maximize your dollar at your local dollar store. From five dollar meal ideas to closet organization, you can find a LOT for just a buck. Dollar Tree is a must stop spot for your Halloween costumes and accessories, but it is also a greatย spot for some creative costume ideas as well. If you want to think outside of the box, you can create aย budget-friendly costume that no one would expect! Here are sevenย creative Halloween costume ideas fromย Dollar Tree that you need to know about. They are perfect for creating a unique yet frugal Halloween costume!

Dollar Store Halloween Costumes
1. M&M.ย In the baby supplies aisle, you can often find an assortment of childrenโ€™s and adults t-shirts in multipleย colors. These are perfect for making your own costumes. Add the letter M to the front (felt works!) andย you can be an M&M, or add a felt 1 or 2 to a red shirt and you are Dr. Seussโ€™s Thing One or Two.

2. Chef.ย Dress your child up as a chef with a Dollar Tree oven mitt and apron. You can make a simple chefโ€™s hatย out of piece of white poster board as well. Add a few cooking utensils in the pocket and you are all set.

3. Beautician.ย Raid the beauty supply aisle to make the perfect beautician. Add curlers to your childโ€™s hair, put on anย apron stocked with combs and brushes, and be sure to get some face make up.

4. Easy animals.ย The craft aisle will have sheets of colored foam perfect for fast animal costumes. You can cut the foamย into ears and glue them to headbands. Finish the look with one of the plain colored shirts mentionedย above. You can even glue foam accents to the shirt if you wish.

5. Mechanic.ย Grab an apron and hit up the car supply aisle for car care accessories to tuck into it. A solid blue shirtย with the childโ€™s name tag on it can help complete the look as can some of the toy cars for them to โ€œworkย on.โ€ Donโ€™t forget to grab a work towel to tuck into their back pocket.

6. Vet.ย Use one of the solid shirts in white, some of the doctor tools in the toy section, and some stuffedย animals to make the perfect vet. If you can find a pink tshirt, your child has the option of being Docย McStuffins!

7. Tooth fairy.ย Use some white craft foam to cut out a tooth shape and glue it to the end of a princess wand. Add someย of the dress up wings and a bag full of fake coins and you have the perfect tooth fairy.

Budget Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Did you ever imagine that your local Dollar Tree would have so many costume options? Give these ideasย a try and see what costumes you can create.

Do you already have a Halloween costume picked out?

Halloween Costume Ideas

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