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Spooktacular Halloween Party for Less

Halloween is a great opportunity to throw a party, and with decorations lining the aisles of every store, itโ€™s easy to over-spend. Your guests will have a great time regardless of where you buy your party supplies, so why not check out what the Dollar Tree has in stock?

Dollar Tree Halloween Ideas

Set the Scene

Welcome your guests to the party by decorating your entryway. Dollar Tree sells interlocking, plastic gargoyle fence sections that add a haunted house feel when set up in front of flower beds. Line the walkway with plastic, solar-powered, Jack-O-Lantern stake lights and hang stings of purple and orange mini lights just as you would with Christmas lights. Put a light-up door cover over the front door and be sure to put out a Halloween welcome mat.

Once inside, the decorating possibilities are endless! Dollar Tree has a wide variety of items to create the right ambiance, but the easiest way to make a statement is to use the black light bulbs they sell, which bring a dark and eerie feel to the room. Depending on how creepy you want to go, you can use โ€œbloodyโ€ gel window clings on the sliding glass doors and hang spooky lenticular portraits (You know, the ones that change as you walk by?). Set out plastic, severed, skeleton hands and ping pong eyeballs. Stock up on an assortment of plastic rats, crows, bats, spiders and glow-in-the-dark webs. Or, you can lighten up the party for children by using glittery, felt, wall decorations, and cheery, vinyl window clings. You can find festive, tinsel, witch brooms, light-up paper lanterns, and glittery, plastic owls with battery-operated LED eyes at Dollar Tree as well.

Set the Table

Whether you plan to use your dining room table to carve pumpkins or eat hโ€™ordeuvres , Dollar Tree has got you covered. Start with a black, orange or purple table cloth. (Theyโ€™ve also got plain black, orange and purple plates, bowls, cups and cutlery to mix and match.) Then add a balloon weight with some of Dollar Treeโ€™s signature star-shaped, foil balloons, also available in black, orange and purple. This would already set a festive tone, but you can add whimsical Halloween-themed paper plates, cups and napkins to the mix, especially if there will be children present. Add Halloween vinyl place mats and Halloween chair covers for good measure. Save the translucent, skull-embossed, plastic goblets for the grown-ups, or fill them with candy and give them out as trophies to the winners of the pumpkin carving contest!

If youโ€™re carving, youโ€™ll need somewhere for those pumpkin guts to go, so set out Jack-O-Lantern treat pails instead of dragging the trash can over. Dollar Tree sells pumpkin carving kits and plastic pumpkin decorating sets, in case you want to go the less messy route. ย Once youโ€™ve got a Jack-O-Lantern on your hands, put an LED strobe light inside as the finishing touch.

The plastic spider web-shaped platters are perfect for brownies, cookies, cupcakes or even savory snacks like pinwheel sandwiches, deviled eggs or cheese and crackers. Pick up a plastic witchโ€™s caldron for your trick-or-treat candy.ย  Leave a pack of Halloween zip-seal loot bags nearby so guests can choose their favorites to take home. A four-pack of Halloween-themed bubbles will only set you back a buck, so be sure to pick some up as a fun favor thatโ€™s not sugar. The parents in the group will thank you!

Since Halloween just wouldnโ€™t be the same without some candy, grab some Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks for your party. Who isnโ€™t a fan of those?

Dollar Tree makes it easy to throw an inexpensive Halloween party that will make a big impact on your guests. Grab a pack of toilet paper to dress up as a mummy and youโ€™re good to go!

Budget Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

What is your favorite Halloween find from the Dollar Tree?

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