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Whiskey Cocktail + Poker Party Ideas

We like to entertain at home and host game nights with a certain theme. For the latest party, we decided to do a poker night! To properly prepare for the event, setup the poker table, decide on a menu and serve up a round of specialty cocktails.

Whiskey Lime Cocktail
Poker parties are always simple to host since they can provide a way to get together without spending a ton of time on all the details. Once you have a date and a time, create a social media invitation to round up all your buddies. Set up tables in groups of four if you can, and cover them in green felt! It’s a cheap DIY if you don’t already have card tables. Decorate with red and black paper products and encourage your friends to wear their best poker attire.

Havana Honeys

Serve drinks

Whiskey Barrel
My husband has a whiskey barrel, and it has become the conversation starter of our events! He usually adds cinnamon and black cherry flavor to the barrel, and the result is a deliciously smooth whiskey.

To prepare a cocktail for your party, try to barrel-age your own whiskey! It’s a simple (and affordable) thing to do. If you don’t have time to prepare the liquor that way, set up a drink bar with lots of mixers!

Whiskey Soda Mixer
Whiskey sodas are simple (1 shot of whiskey, top with soda), and there are so many different flavors of sparkling water that you could try too.

Whiskey Cocktails

Whiskey Soda Recipe

Create a Menu

Serve a simple menu of finger foods and a sweet treat. Serve bottled water and sweet tea too. Offer pretzels, chips, and dips, and try a simple homemade bruschetta.

Organizing a poker party for your friends is one of the simplest and most entertaining ways to get together and play. Once youโ€™ve decided on a date, time and a poker theme the rest is up to you. So start planning and get ready to host the poker party of the year!

Whiskey Soda

What’s your favorite kind of whiskey drink? Do you host poker parties?

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