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Spooky Glam Halloween Decor | Laser-Light Halloween Front Porch

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We have never lived in a neighborhood that welcomed the holidays with lights, parties, and events. This is the FIRST year that we live in a family neighborhood where holiday celebrations are the norm and holiday decor is encouraged! We are SO excited to go trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood this year, and we are hopeful our Halloween guests will get a scare out of our glam spooky shadow room! With a little help from my husband, we created a fun front porch entryway that will be perfect for our trick-or-treaters. It’s glittery glam fun!
Spooky Glam
To get started, we headed to Lowe’s for everything we needed. We knew we had to build an enclosure along with picking up Halloween decor, lights, and any other accessories we could find.

Lowes Halloween Decor Ideas

Our local Lowe’s was all decked out and ready for the big day. We picked up some inspiration walking through their garden center. They had a lot of fall stuff too.

For our main project, weย decided to completely transform our empty porch into a transdimensional portal to the underworld using some lumber and some StaGreen Landscape Fabric. Since the liner fabric is semitranslucent and lightweight, it made for the perfect material to use in our “spooky room” as our kid called it.

Shadow Room Tutorial

Since our front porch isn’t enclosed, we had to create a basic frame to hold the fabric in place. We started by cutting down some 2×1 lumber and attaching it to the existing awning using 2-inch sink nails. Once the frame was in place, I stretched the fabric from floor to ceiling and stapled it into place to give the appearance of a pitch black room.

Front Porch Halloween Decor

Once the porch was enclosed, I attached fabric to the ceiling at various lengths and cut the sheets into smaller ribbons. This gave the illusion of moving shadows when the breeze blows. To complete the effect we replaced the light with a black light bulb and added a Gemmy Fire and Ice LED Projector Light that created an other-worldly effect against the constantly moving fabric.

Front Porch Halloween Decor

We added another projector, this one created moving skulls, to project on the outside of the black fabric and a few added touches on the inside like some spider web, a Halloween-themed doormat, and some pumpkin stands.

Front Porch Halloween Decor

The end result was something right out of a Twilight Zone episode.

The Spooky Lights

Once our scare room was done, I had to glam up some pumpkins.

DIY Glitter Glam Pumpkins

Front Porch Halloween Decor

Lowes had pumpkins ready for crafting, and we grabbed two. With a bit of spray paint, each pumpkin was sparkling and ready to go!

Glitter Pumpkin DIY

The pumpkin stands really make these glittery beauties stand out. They were also affordable!

Extra Spooky Decor

To dress up our patio even further, we added cobb webs and plastic spiders.

Ready for Trick or Treaters

Lowe’s had everything we needed to prepare our front porch for our future trick-or-treaters. The plastic glowing bucket is not only an awesome idea for handing out candy, but our little guy will be carrying his own too! We even found candy at Lowe’s so we could truly get everything we needed in one place.

Front Porch Halloween Decor

They had a big selection of doormats too!

Front Porch Halloween Decor

Once everything was all put together, we knew our front porch was going to be the hit of our neighborhood.

Front Porch Halloween Decor

For more spooky inspiration, visit Lowe’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Front Porch Halloween Decor

Are you ready to get your spook on? Decorate your home for the holidays and get ready for trick-or-treaters!

Halloween Decor Ideas

Front Porch Halloween Decor

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