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Cheap Easter Basket Ideas: Essentials for $1

Each and every week, I’ll be sharing easy ways to maximize your dollar at your local dollar store. From five dollar meal ideas to closet organization, you can find a LOT for just a buck. Don’t miss an update, and sign up for my mailing list.

If you are looking to fill your Easter baskets for less, head to Dollar Tree or Target’s One Spot for some fabulous Easter finds! Dollar items is a great way to stuff those baskets with all sorts of fun treats while keeping a little cash in your pocket, and right now they already have a great selection out for you to browse. Here are 7 Dollar Tree Easter basket must haves that you will want to keep your eyes out for. These are treats that kids are sure to love!
Cheap Easter Basket Ideas
1. Colored chalk. Colored chalk is perfect for sidewalk drawings and games. You can get a small bucket of it in a variety of colors for just a buck. Use peel and stick letter stickers to put the child’s name on the bucket if you wish!

2. Bubbles. Kids love blowing bubbles. Get a three pack of bubbles or a large bottle for just a buck. With the three pack being so cheap, you can grab several so your kids have plenty to get them through the spring months. My toddler is obsessed with bubbles, so he will be getting quite a few bottles in his basket!

3. Craft supplies. Dollar Tree has a huge assortment of craft supplies including wand making kits, jewelry kits, mini building kits and more. I actually just scored a few packs of origami paper with instructions for paper airplanes, flowers, and more at my local dollar store. Grab a few of these kits to give to your crafty kids. They are a great way to spend a rainy day!

Try making these watercolor Easter Eggs for a budget-friendly kids craft too.

Easter eggs
You can even score some ribbon to decorate eggs like this. It’s a clever and cute way to turn regular eggs into something way more festive!

4. Candy! Dollar Tree has several rows of Easter themed candy and treats perfect for stuffing in Easter baskets. Enjoy chocolate bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans, and so much more. The candy sizes are quite generous so your dollar goes a long way! You might be able to find Easy Easter Ideas For Kids With Finders Keepers™ (candy eggs with toys inside!).

If you pick up Peeps, you can make this Peeps playdough!

5. Water bottles. Snag your child a water bottle of their very own. You will find an assortment of colors and styles and you can even personalize them with the peel and stick letter stickers Dollar Tree sells.

6. Sunglasses. Spring means sun! Snag a new pair of sunglasses for just a buck. You will find some fun and bright colors and styles to choose from.

7. Spring themed socks. Grab a pair of the Easter/Spring themed socks available at Dollar Tree to keep your kiddo’s feet toasty and festive. Kids will love showing off their spring themed socks.

Easter eggs
P.S. Don’t forget to grab a few packs of their plastic eggs too! Whether you hide them, decorate them, or gift them, you can never have too many!

As you can see, if you purchased all seven of these items, a bag of Easter grass, and a basket at a dollar each, you have only spent $9 total on your child’s Easter basket. Not too shabby! Make your Easter basket buck go further when you head to your local dollar store for all of the fixings!

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