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Winter Family Photography Tips

Make sure you are ready to go out at the best time of day. Most professional photographers know this for every season, but don’t be surprised to know it may be earlier in the day than you expected because the photographer is just looking to get the best light.

Winter Photography Tips
Don’t wear heavy blush. This one seems like a silly tip, but if the purpose of blush is to make your cheeks have a rosy appearance and you will get that from standing outside in the cold, it makes sense to let nature do it’s part so you don’t look overdone.

Wear bright colors in solid prints. In other times of the year, you need lighter colors to stand out against a green or orange background. In winter, with snow, you will want to wear dramatic colors in order to pop in the pictures. If you need ideas, ask your photographer what colors they think work best, although typically colors like teal, purple, red or even black can work.

Book early. Most photographers are busy this time of year with the holidays. Book as early as you can and allow your photographer to let you know what days according to the weather will work.

Don’t fuss too much about what your kids are doing. Kids love snow and you should encourage them to play in it as a professional photographer can see perfect candid times to take images. These non-posed images are often the best and snow and winter provide the perfect opportunity to get them.

Bring some nice clothes to wear but don’t stand out in the cold. Allow the photographer to guide you on what to leave on and what to take off so you don’t look too bundled up. Often a few nice coordinating scarves and gloves can be a nice touch without being too much in a portrait.

Be set to bring some props of your own. Your photographer likely has some, but if you have some as well, your photographer can likely tell you how to use them. Items that work great are anything plaid (such as blankets or scarves), evergreen stuff and mugs.

Make sure kids are well-rested and fed. This goes for any time of year, but in the winter, it can be exhausting just standing out in the cold so this is especially important.

Act natural. Just like with kids, families look best when they act natural and don’t try to be so posed all the time. Posed pictures often look very stiff. A good photographer will do minimal posed pictures and more natural ones. Be a good subject for your photographer and don’t try to dictate too much what you want.

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