Surf Gate: What Does It Do?

Boating is a relaxing time, but it can also be a time to show off a little. The roaring engine with all that horsepower, the wind in your hair, and the beautiful wake you leave behind your boat as you race across the lake or take a smooth trip on the ocean water. Thatโ€™s why Surf Gate is becoming more and more popular in the boating realm, and for a very good reason.

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What Surf Gate Does

The Surf Gate creates a perfect, glassy wave at the back of your boat, painting a beautiful image behind your journey as you travel over the water. Itโ€™s suitable for both experts and beginners, but it does take some practice to get right. Once you have Surf Gate installed, listed surfing is now a thing of the past. Your boat can be evenly weighted from side to side for a much smoother right.

How Surf Gate Works

Surf Gate creates a wave on one side of the boat by elongating the hull on the other side. This, in effect, offsets the convergence of the water behind the boat so that itโ€™s not rocking back and forth. Because Malibu has perfected this technology, thereโ€™s nothing else like Surf Gate out on the market. The wave created feels more like an ocean wave because itโ€™s created on top of the lake level instead of underneath. As a result, you get a wave that rises directly out of the water to give you better push and overall shape, allowing the nose of the board to dig in more into the water.

How To Use Surf Gate 

To put Surf Gate to good use, there are several steps you have to follow. First, you need to fill the Quad Hard Tank ballast and then set the Power Wedge III. Your speed should be set between 10.5-11.5 miles per hour and then press the Surf Left or Surf Right button at the Malibu Command Center. As a result, you can sit back and watch a wall of water build-up behind your boat.

How To Drive With Surf Gate

 You donโ€™t have to worry about manipulating Surf Gate too much while youโ€™re driving your boat. It automatically tucks itself into the boat when youโ€™re going below seven miles per hour. This allows you to have better maneuverability so that you can make tighter turns at slower speeds. Not only does this make it safer for you to operate your boat but you also wonโ€™t waste a lot of time manipulating and driving it properly.

 Adding Surf Gate to your boat can dramatically change your boating experience out on the water, no matter where you drive it. It can provide a much smoother ride than you may have ever expected, so why not give it a try? Consider contacting your local boating supplier to see if Surf Gate is a good fit for your boat and whether you should have it installed. You may never want to be without it ever again.

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