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Where To Find Fresh Produce In Your Area

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I know that we are blessed to be able to live in Florida where there are only two seasons (hot and hotter!), and there is an abundance of fresh options for food. I live near Plant City, Florida which is world-famous for their flavorful strawberries, and you can go blueberry-picking at a winery a few interstate exits away. There are so many choices to enjoy Fresh From Florida produce, and I’m going to help you find options in your area. You can find local produce at a grocery store, but there are other places that may be better or less expensive.

Fresh From Florida Strawberries

You can also save when you buy seasonal produce. Right now strawberries, tomatoes, and sweet bell peppers are in season and available at affordable prices! Florida farmers make it easy to enjoy fresh produce year-round, and there is nothing better than a sweet strawberry fresh from the vine.

Fresh From Florida Strawberries

How to Find Fresh Produce

Use local farmers markets. There are many places where you can find local farmers markets depending on the season. You might come across a local produce stand or a scheduled event. This website can help you find something in your area.

Pick your own. Attend a “U-Pick” day. Not only is this fun for the entire family, it is a budget-friendly option for seasonal produce.

Try Facebook. Many CSAs and farmers are using social media to create pages for their produce. Searching can help you find options in your area. The events section will be able to help too.

I shopped Walmart to find Fresh From Florida strawberries on sale. We knew they would make an amazingly refreshing smoothie for this warm March day. I also picked up strawberries and bell peppers too since you can never have enough Fresh From Florida produce.

Strawberry Smoothies

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Strawberry Smoothies

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Learn how to use your Florida fruits and vegetables and find inspiration for fresh meal ideas.

How do you use seasonal strawberries?   

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