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Stop and Smell the Rosé Printable: Wine Party Printable

Summer Cocktail Fun

Hello, summer! I’m over here daydreaming about breezy afternoons on the beach or sunsets on the patio with a glass of wine. Between happy hours with friends, early mornings at the farmers market, or even just a quick trip to the park, summer is my favorite season. We can enjoy longer days (gotta love those 8 p.m. sunsets), and we have more time and flexibility to do the things that we enjoy doing.

Summer Cocktail Fun

For me, that includes party planning, a little extra sunshine, and a few sweet treats.

Summer Cocktail Fun

Summer Confetti Party Inspiration

Summer Cocktail Fun

Serve up the Rosé

Ooo la la! You’re going to love the delicate flavor of Cavit Rosé! You can pair this with fish, chicken, or just alone as a sweet drink to enjoy. It’s a light and crisp wine that is easy to drink.

Summer Cocktail Fun
I enjoy this served over ice. It’s easy to enjoy!

Cool Off With Sweet Treats

This was a new to me treat, and now it is going to be our favorite flavor of the summer!

Summer Cocktail Fun

Summer Cocktail Fun

When you’re ready to style your sweet treat confetti party with these items, print out this art printable!

Rosé Art Print

Rose Wine Art Print

Rose Art Print PDF Download

Summer Cocktail Fun
What do you like to serve for summer parties or happy hours? Are you a big fan of Cavit and My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream? You might like this Award Show Printable Ballot to help you plan a fun Oscars party!

Wine Party Ideas:

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