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To celebrate our little oneโ€™s ninth birthday, we organized a backyard soiree for the neighborhood. To keep everyone safe, we knew we had to be outdoors and have a rotating guest list so people and come and go. To maximize time and decor, grab a few pieces from Big Dot of Happiness to get the party started. Hereโ€™s how we implemented the party decor provided and what we did to bring the FUN home this year!ย 

Get to Know Big Dot of Happiness

If youโ€™re looking for an easy way to celebrate this year, try Big Dot of Happiness. There are SO many different party themes for you to choose from. This Monster Bash idea is colorful and fun and can work for a birthday party or baby shower. You can shop Big Dot of Happiness and look for party decor, including treat boxes, signs, napkins, and more.

They provide the essentials so you can spend more time having fun. One way to create a memorable birthday party is to have your child select the theme and plan the party themselves. You can help by creating a list of ideas for them.

Plan the date for the party, and ask your child what day they would like it on. Next, create a list of ideas for birthday parties. Use Big Dot of Happiness for ideas. Besides the monster idea, we were interested in the gamer party too! Invite friends over, or have a sleepover.ย ย 

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas

A monster party is a fun, kid-friendly way to celebrate a birthday, baby shower or even Halloween this year!  

Since we live in Florida, itโ€™s pretty easy to spend our weekends outdoors. We celebrate with games, BBQ, and good times. When you have children, it is always a good idea to make their birthday party special. If you are thinking of some backyard birthday party ideas for your child, here are a few to help you out:

Let your child decorate a giant-sized pinata with their friends and family in the backyard and smash it open together once it’s finished!

Have snacks at every table for all the guests that come over, including cotton candy, popcorn, and chocolate-dipped strawberries!

Start the party with a scavenger hunt or another outdoor game that will keep the kids entertained for a while. You can provide clues for the kids to find unique items, like little toys or small prizes.

Create an obstacle course with cones and other objects in your backyard.

Have some water balloons ready and let the kids toss them at each other or at adults who are nearby.  

Have your guests play Monster Tag where they have to find their way around the yard and try not to get tagged by the other monsters hiding in different places. You can also play Hide and Seek or Pin the Tail on the Monster, which is like pinning the tail on the donkey, but you’re pinning it onto your own body!ย ย 

Make sure there is something for everyone at the party to do. It is important to give smaller children activities that they can do without being too overwhelmed. This prevents them from feeling left out or not having something to occupy them with their friends when they get bored with the other games. 

We set up a cupcake station and a small dipping pool to cool off. We celebrated with simple activities to keep everyone entertained, including a photo booth with props provided by Big Dot of Happiness.ย 

There is always so much to do if you think outside of the box. We are grateful that Big Dot of Happiness did the heavy lifting with our decor so we could spend more time having fun.

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