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Love Parties? Here’s How To Make Your Own

Summer is the time for freedom, fun, outings, and of course, parties! Youโ€™re ready to host your own, this is great! As you may already have found out, it can get to be a bit much. There are lots of steps involved, the invitations, the decor, the food, the music. But you know what the most important thing is? You staying calm and in control. This is a get-together for your friends, not a party for the queen. Just do what comes naturally to you. Your loved ones already know who you are, they expect nothing different. To help you plan the festivities, here are some cool tips.ย 

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Party Planners

This takes all the stress completely off your hands. You give a theme, your preferences, your budget, venue, number of people to expect and, bam, party delivered. How amazing to sit back and have the experts at deliver and set up everything beyond expectation.

Get folding chairs, padded chairs, tables of all shapes and styles. Marquees, LED screens, and even slushie machines are available. Nowhere across Sydney is too far for both delivery and pick-up afterward. If children will be at the party, have the event planners set up a bouncy castle for their amusement. If your DJ bails on you last minute, no sweat, star party hire has it covered. From something small and intimate to the biggest festival, everything is possible.

DIYs To The Rescue

Youโ€™d like to leave it all to someone else to plan but maybe you just cannot afford it right now. Donโ€™t worry. There are things you can do if you choose to get a little crafty. 

Photos are a must. You donโ€™t need a whole photo booth, a simple backdrop will do. Gather up some crepe papers in colors you like. Youโ€™ll also need some glue dots and scissors. Choose a blank canvas wall. Ensure itโ€™s dust-free and ready to be designed. Cut the 12-inch wide paper into long rectangular pieces. Arrange them to form a square, large triangle, whatever shape you desire. The end result will be a very snazzy spot to take photos that will commemorate the event. 

Everyone likes balloons. Create a large balloon arch that can function as a centerpiece. Select colors to complement your theme and bring the vibe alive. Youโ€™ll need many balloons, sizes, and colors of your choice, beading wire, a glue gun, and a balloon pump. The process is quick and easy. You will be very proud of your creation when completed. Fashion lanterns, design pinatas, it really is endless what you can do to completely transform a spot.

If youโ€™re not a baker but want to supply your friends with homemade cookies and cakes, pull up a recipe online. There are hundreds right at your fingertips. The ingredients are basic, the bake time is short. Soon your home will be smelling heavenly. Get your loved ones to help. This may even turn into a pre-party party. Finger foods are easy to put together. Before you know it, the snack and food table is full and ready.

Secure The Entertainment

You donโ€™t want a party where people are sitting about, eating, and quietly chatting for the entire night. No! Mix it up. There needs to be intervals for dancing, playing games, and telling jokes. Suggest a game you know will be a hit with everyone, or spice it up by throwing a new game into the mix. Put together some funny videos, and give an amusing toast. 

Bring out the karaoke machine when people least expect it. Dare your more adventurous friends to take on difficult songs. Record the entire spectacle to have laughs for years to come. Donโ€™t forget your shy friends. Introduce them to others you think they could hit it off with because thereโ€™s nothing worse than feeling alone in a group of people. Check on them periodically and if you need to take them by the hand to encourage dancing, do so! 

Be your own DJ. Set up your speakers, connect your computer, phone, or iPod to them, and just like that you can keep the groovy tunes coming. Take recommendations from the party-goers, pull up some oldies, take the party from pop to rap to hip hop in a flash. Keep the energy high.

Your party will be as grand and as successful as you make it. A party planning team can take over and deliver spectacular results but on the other hand, you can lead the charge and bang out an amazing event. The key, as always, is to remain stress-free and have fun.

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