21 Fun College Party Theme Ideas

Although many students believe they should be abolished, college parties are a common feature of university life. It’s not hard to see that college party themes have become stale. We have a list of ideas to help you plan your next soiree. Some are straight from TikTok or pop culture while others are timeless themes that have been around since forever.

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have the best college party themes. They are also very easy to put together and take little time to plan. You can dress up to host an extravagant party or have a casual, fun house party. We have plenty of ideas that you can use.

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Wear shirts and jewelry with your astrology sign on them. These hanging stars decorations are a great way to get involved in astrology or celestial themed decorations. Try your hand at tarot by setting up a table and using a deck or a magic 8 ball to make predictions. You might even meet an partner who is astrologically compatible.


Your Spotify Wrapped is yours, for good or ill. You can dress up as your favorite artist from the past year or someone who is a regular on your On Repeat playlist. It’s a great way to make new friends and share your music tastes.


It’s common to call almost anything “camp”, but do you really know what it means? Your guests will be put to the test when they are asked to follow the Met Gala’s 2019 theme and wear something campy.


Although Anything But Clothes (or ABC parties) aren’t as extreme as the full-on naked party from College Girls they are still a chance to experiment. An ABC party is when you wear curtains, trash bags and caution tape to make an outfit that’s not meant to be worn.


Another option is to throw an ABC party called Anything But Cups. Guests will need to bring empty ketchup bottles or Pringles cans to get drinks.


This is a great way to have students from other states represent your school. You can keep it simple and restart a debate that has been going on for decades. Ask people to pick the East Coast or West Coast, and then dress accordingly. You can also host a 50-state party where everyone can wear something that represents their state. This could be a Broncos jersey or a cowboy hat for Texas.


Is Pajama Day in middle school Spirit Week not the most memorable day? You can decide if Pajama Day should happen every day. This theme’s best feature is that you can use “pajamasโ€ to refer to whatever you are most comfortable in, regardless of whether it’s a satin nightgown or plaid flannel pants.


Throwback themes are a great way to welcome the weekend. This theme can be as imaginative as you like. You could recreate a baby photo of yourself or dress up as a popular culture icon (Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana or even the Powerpuff girls if you’re with friends), or wear any outfit that brings back simpler times. Flashbacks can be extended to snack options by purchasing the candy and foods that you enjoyed as a child, such as Scooby Doo fruit snacks or Gushers.


This theme is based on a TikTok video called “Dress as Your Spouse Friendsgiving”. It was created by @hunterraeeeeee. Although most college students donโ€™t have a spouse, you can pair up with your SO or best friend, or even pull names from a hat together with your friends group and dress up as one another. It’s possible to borrow clothes from one another’s closets. It’ll be great fun to see which look others think is the most iconic.


You can also tell different guests to dress up for different themes, as shown on TikTok. You can then watch their reactions to the theme you have chosen. TikTok user @p4ytonx made this video. Everyone will have a great time and it will make Halloween seem like a mashup of costumes. This list can be used as inspiration to create your own themes.


You can give glow sticks to your guests before the party, tell them to wear their brightest clothes and turn on the lights to create a fun theme for the rave party. You can create a playlist of 80s songs to play as you dance the night away. “Neon” is commonly associated with the 80s. You can make your event memorable and unique by using neon ski gear.


The 80s aren’t the only decade that can have fun. Y2K has been in with college students. You can probably put together an outfit for 2000s parties with pieces you have in your closet or from friends. Maybe you prefer the retro look of the 60s and 70s. Whatever decade you choose, make sure the music matches your theme so that you and your guests can travel back in time.


This theme will inspire your guests to be more creative, and you’ll see tongue-in-cheek Instagram posts every day. Pick your favorite meme from the internet lately — The Rock in a turtleneck? What’s Distracted Boyfriend? You can recreate the scene with your friends or yourself. You can also pick TikTok trend that will make people laugh (like Noodle, the pug), so you decide if it’s Bones Day. These require very few costumes. If someone asks for your obscure reference, they will know that you are a real one.


A classic theme is always a good choice. You can dress up in animal print and buy decorations such as leopard-print balloons and safari-themed plates, cups, and decorations green fringe for your wall. If you really want to sell your theme, you can decorate cupcakes and cookies with animal themes.


This theme can be used to spark conversation: Which celebrity is most like you? You can make it seem like you are hosting an awards ceremony by wearing their most famous outfit. To make a cool photo for your Hollywood stars, you can also buy a red carpet.


You can make your event more formal by following the Gossip Girls’s lead and throwing a masquerade party complete with fancy costumes and masks. To add mystery and atmosphere to your evening, you can decorate the space with black-and-gold touches such as streamers and pompoms purchased from Amazon. Although your masquerade ball may not have as much drama and intrigue as the Gossip Girls episode, it will still be entertaining.


You can bring Coachella even if you are unable to attend. To channel the festival look, you can wear sundresses or chokers. It is best to have this party in warmer weather. You can even throw it outdoors in your backyard. Music is the most important aspect of any festival. So curate your dream lineup and make sure there are no boring opening acts.


Do you know the expression, “I came here only for the food?” They will love this party. Everyone must dress up in something edible. You’ll need to stock your pantry when food is the main attraction. So make sure you have sweet, salty and spicy snacks on hand to ensure everyone is well-fed.


This vibrant theme will help highlight consent. Stop light parties are for those who are not interested in or aren’t ready to get into a relationship. Those who are “complicated” are in yellow and those who are engaged are in red. Anyone in green is welcome to flirt. This is a simple way to save time and avoid making assumptions about your crush’s ability to approach you on the dance floor.


It may be in high school but you can still have Euphoria themed fun in college. You just don’t want to get as wild and crazy as some of the Euphoria episodes. This theme is all about the iconic, heavy-glamour eye makeup from HBO’s original series. You can choose the style of your favorite Euphoria character to copy in your outfit.


Although we cannot all be Chloe Kim’s, we can dress up like her at the Winter Olympics party. Wear your ski jackets and goggles. You can substitute high-stakes snowboarding with beer pong if you have the funds. Or, hey, maybe an Ice Luge if you feel it is appropriate.

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