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7 Dollar Tree Organization Hacks

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We all know Dollar Tree is a great place to get baskets and totes, but did you know they carry otherย items that are perfect for getting you organized as well? The secret is learning to think outside of theย box! Take a look below atย seven Dollar Tree organization hacks that you need to know! Try using some of these ideas in your spring cleaning for a more organized home.

Dollar Store Organization HAcks
1. Clothespins. Wooden clothespins are great for clothing, but why not use them to display children’sย artwork? Run aย ribbon across a wall and use the clothespins to attach work. Or, add magnets to the back of clothespins and place them on the fridge.

2. Chalkboard labels.ย In the crafting section, you will find chalkboard labels. These are perfect for labeling canisters, boxes,ย files, and anything else you can possibly think of. Donโ€™t forget to grab some chalk while you are thereย too!

3. Cookie sheets.ย Turn cookie sheets into DIY memo boards. Just add magnets! If you want to hang the board, use a superย adhesive to hang ribbon on the back.

4. Cupcake tins.ย Use cupcake tins to organize crayons for kids, small hardware pieces, and evenย your jewelry. Youย can spray paint the tin to give it a pop of color first if you wish.

5. Plastic tumblers.ย Grab a plastic tumbler or two to use as a pencil and pen holder. They can also hold kidโ€™s craft items suchย as scissors, pipe cleaners, and rulers. {Stock up on these Dollar Store Art Supplies!}

Washi Tape

6. Washi tape.ย Use various colors of washi tape to color code just about anything. You can color code files, boxes, your planner or calendar, or even use it to decorate! Pro tip: Assign a color to each member of your familyย to place on their electronic device chargers so they always knowย whose is whose.

7. Wood craft sticks.ย Wood craft sticks can help you stay organized in the garden when used as plant markers. You can alsoย dip them in your paint purchases so you have the paint color on hand should you need it in the future. If you have kids who do chores, try writingย one chore on each stick toย help the child stay organized and onย top of their tasks. You can store these sticks in a “Chore Jar” for easy access.

Need more tips for spring cleaning? Try these simple ways to declutter your home. This list of 50+ items to toss, reuse, or donate will get you started.


What are your favorite organization hacks?

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