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Dollar Deals: Cheap Organizing Ideas

Happy 2015! I’ve set myself up for a big challenge this year. Each and every week, I’ll be sharing easy ways to maximize your dollar at your local dollar store. From five dollar meal ideas to closet organization, you can find a LOT for just a buck. Are you ready to jump into the new year more organized? If you are working on organizing your room, kitchen, workspace, or even family and living rooms, head to your local dollar store for some must have supplies. Below you will find our list of 10 cheap organizing items that will make decluttering a LOT easier. Print off this list and take it with you so you can be sure you have the necessities to get your space under control! These cheap organizing ideas will hopefully get your home clutter free in a hurry.

Dollar Store Organization Ideas

Dollar Organizational Items

1. Collapsible bins. Check out the laundry supply aisle for collapsible bins in various colors. These store flat when you donโ€™t need them and open up to a roomy bin when you do. While you could use them for laundry, I’d rather use them to hold games, toys, toiletries, DVDs and more.

2. Clothespins. Grab a bag of clothespins for just a buck. Add some magnetic strip on the back and attach them to any metal surface. Slip on small accessories, memos, photos, and more.

3. Calendars. You canโ€™t beat a calendar for just a dollar. While you are at your local dollar store, grab a desk calendar, purse calendar, and a calendar for the office too. You will find so many themes to pick from, and some stores have Disney characters or other popular styles. They definitely don’t look cheap.

4. Baskets. It’s no surprise that dollar stores have baskets in all shapes and colors. Snag a few to organize your toiletries, jewelry, socks, and other small items. I try to always buy the same color so that I have a cohesive look at my home.

5. Dry erase board/markers. Grab a dry erase board and markers to place at a family organization station. You can write down daily memos, reminders, shopping lists, or just positive greetings.

6. Hangers. Now is the time to get your closet organized. Find a variety of hangers that are sold several to a pack for just $1. They are great for hanging clothes of course, but you can use them to hang linens like table runners and tablecloths.

7. Plasticware. Grab some plastic ware so you can start organizing your kitchen, hardware, and other small items. They are great for not only organizing leftovers, but hardware such as nails and screws.

8. File folders. Head to the office supply section and grab some file folders. These are great for keeping your bills and expenses organized in the new year. I made a family filing station where I file away some of our important documents for the year. It helped out a lot in 2014, and it’s something I’ll continue to do this year.

9. Labels. Check out the office supply section for chalkboard as well as plain peel and stick labels. These are great for labeling files, canisters, shelves, and more.
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10. Jars. Visit the dish section for canning jars. These can be used for organizing craft supplies, spices, and other small parts and pieces. Plus, the clear glass makes them easy to see through.

This is the year to get organized! I know that organization has a direct impact on my mood and overall well-being. So, I’m not going to wait until spring to start cleaning. The clutter disappears this week.

What about you? What are you doing to organize in the new year? 



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