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4 Easy Ways To Give Your Home a Stunning Curb Appeal Makeover

Thinking about giving your property an exterior makeover? Curb appeal turns a house into a home, and it also boosts equity in your property. Here are four easy ways to improve the look of your house and yard without breaking the bank.

1. Improve the Lawn

A lush lawn makes the entire exterior of your property look much more attractive, and getting your grass in excellent shape is an inexpensive way to create undeniable curb appeal. If you’ve spent any amount of time or effort taking care of your lawn, you already know that it’s tough to keep that grass looking healthy and green. In addition to regular mowing and edging, aerate the yard to allow fertilizer to penetrate deep into the roots of the grass. A treatment plan including lawn fertilization and weed control is the final piece of the puzzle to ensure that your grass is primed for growth each spring.  

2. Get Everything Clean

Sometimes, all it takes is a thorough cleaning to lift the appearance of a house. How do you clean your exterior walls, you might ask? It’s actually pretty easy to clear off the dirt and grime that collects on exterior surfaces including siding, vinyl or stucco. Rent a pressure washer at a local home improvement store and, using the correct settings, power wash your home including the walls, gutters and all trim. Once you’ve gotten these large areas clean, go back and manually wash the windows to get them sparkling.

3. Add Stone Veneer

One easy way to instantly add visual interest and character to the façade of any house is by installing manufactured stone veneer. Homeowners typically add this feature to areas around the front door and garage door to give a house some classic charm. If you’ve laid tile before, you’ll generally be able to install the veneer yourself. The best part about this upgrade is that it requires little maintenance other than a light dusting or a once-over with a hose. A simple mixture of water and white vinegar removes any efflorescence that may pop up, allowing the stone to maintain its color for years to come.

4. Update the Front Door

The front door is where you greet your visitors and guests, and it’s actually quite easy to turn it into an eye-catching focal point that looks attractive from the road. You can replace the door entirely with a steel option that not only looks great but also keeps you and your family safe. Don’t worry if a full-blown replacement doesn’t work with your budget – a simple coat of paint can modernize your current door. If you have a wood door, consider giving it a refresh with a new wood stain that brings out the natural color and grain pattern of the door.

It’s never a bad idea to make cosmetic improvements that boost the pride you have in your home. Follow the tips above to quickly give your property a charming makeover to turn your property into the best on the block.

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