Useful Keto Diet Tips for Absolute Beginners

Youโ€™ve probably heard of the keto diet, and you want to try it out. As a beginner, you must get acquainted with some basic principles connected with this sort of diet. A ketogenic diet is specific in various aspects, and it brings the body to a specific state. You should know its rules, limitations, and mistakes that are commonly made. Take a glimpse at some useful tips that will guide your body through the keto journey.

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What is Keto?

Keto is all about the decision of your body to take another fuel for its running- fat. We mainly use carbohydrates for that purpose, and what the keto diet wants is to make the body switch to fat and to use it as the main source of energy. So, what makes the keto diet different is its extremely low intake of carbohydrates and increased intake of fats. In this way, the body adapts to using fats as the main source of energy. The body goes through recomposing and most importantly, there is loss of fat tissue. Keto diet helps in enhancing cognitive functions, endurance, and weight loss. However, the beginning can be difficult. In fact, entering the state of ketosis might be a strange period to experience.

How to Handle Ketosis?

Through a ketogenic diet, fat is converted in the liver into energy molecules called ketones. The body, being fueled mostly by fat, brings to a state called ketosis. Ketosis, as studies approved, turns your body into a fat-burning machine. The step that usually goes skipped while on a keto diet, is measuring ketones. Make sure you test your ketones. It is advisable to measure your ketones through a blood test since it shows you the one that speaks the volume of keto diet- beta-hydroxybutyrate. This will give you a more accurate insight into entering ketosis and what level have you reached so far.ย 

There is the time needed to enter ketosis, and you must be rather patient and persistent. Once you enter ketosis, it gives you tons of energy and many other health benefits and helps you in weight loss. 

What Food to Avoid

The ketogenic diet ratio is usually as follows: 75% fat, 20% protein, and only about 5% carbohydrates. Thus, the diet needs significant changes and selection. You must avoid sugar, especially in drinks like fruit juices, shakes, cakes, ice cream, cakes, etc., then cereals and starch (products based on wheat, rice, pasta, cereals, etc.), fruits, due to their high sugar content, with the exception of strawberries and blackberries. You should also avoid beans, root vegetables, sauces, unhealthy fat like refined or unrefined vegetable oil. Non-fat products are usually rich in carbohydrates, so try to avoid them. You should also avoid alcohol because it can take you out of ketosis, due to its carbohydrate content.

In a nutshell, avoid carbohydrate-based products and foods, such as grains, harmful sugars, legumes, rice, potatoes, sweets, juices, and even most fruits.

What to Eat

Itโ€™s time for good news. What you can and should eat underlines your desired results.  You should eat meat(red meat, steakโ€ฆ), oily fish, eggs, organic butter and cream, unprocessed cheese (but beware of milk products), nuts, and seeds. Healthy oils, especially coconut, avocado, and olive oil. Avocado is the number one keto-friendly fruit. Besides it, you can take green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, and onions. You can use Himalayan salt, spices, and herbs to replenish electrolytes.  All in all, it is best to base your diet on unprocessed natural foods. The main part of your diet should consist of meat, eggs, butter, nuts, healthy oils, avocados, and plenty of vegetables.

Another good news is that nowadays you have products designed for a ketogenic diet. For instance, if youโ€™re interested in low carb food in Canada, you can find a wide range of selected products that contain no sugar, no unhealthy fats, but do contain proteins and healthy fats. You must be selective when it comes to your choice of food, and using alternatives like these, can do a lot. This prevents your craving for unhealthy snacks, sweets, and drinks that disrupt your keto program.

Keto Recipes

To truly enjoy the process of entering ketosis and adapting to its principles, activate your inner cook. Enjoy preparing keto recipes that will make you both productive and self-conscious about your health. These recipes follow keto imperatives and protect you from unwanted ingredients. Not only will you be closer to your aim, but you will also learn some new healthy recipes to share and keep for the rest of your healthy life.

Get enough sleep & water

Water is essential, especially when it comes to a keto diet. It is a component without which burning fat is unimaginable. Stick to drinking 2 or more liters per day. Next to it comes sleep deprivation. This is due to the fact that not getting enough sleep forces you to take unhealthy food and drinks to help your body regain the energy and strength that is lost. Furthermore, sleep is a great helper in burning fats and calories. Stay hydrated and sleep well!

Side Effects and How to Deal with them

The beginning may be difficult and you might feel the symptoms of so-called โ€œketo fluโ€ which reflects in nausea, fatigue, headache, loss of energy, digestive discomfort. To pass this condition easier, you can try a regular low-carb diet for the first few weeks. This will help your body learn how to burn more fat before you completely eliminate carbohydrates. As a ketogenic diet changes the balance of water and minerals in the body, you can add more salt or take supplements (potassium and magnesium) to replenish electrolytes.  

Be persistent, responsible, and patient, and wait for the ketogenic diet to do its job. It will leave indelible marks on your overall health and body protection and you are definitely at the start of a successful journey. 

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