Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer can be a worthwhile investment whether you are running a commercial business or you have some extra tough cleaning needs on your domestic premises. A pressure washer can be the answer to many problems, however, making a poor choice can lead to a new set of problems. Itโ€™s important to make some careful considerations before you part with your hard-earned cash. Follow these steps to make the right choice when it comes to buying a pressure washer. 

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What You Will Be Cleaning And How Long You Want Your Investment To Last

Identifying what you will be using your pressure washer for is the first step to picking the right machine. You wouldnโ€™t pick the same machine for cleaning the exterior of vehicles as you would for cleaning large areas of patio flooring. The washers you can find on the market range from heavy-duty, built-to-last gasoline-powered machines that would destroy the paint job on a car, to smaller electric, precision over power machines suitable for cleaning small spaces and gaps without causing damage. You also want to think about how long u need your machine to last. If you will use it infrequently, you can shop around for cheap deals or secondhand, however, if you are going to be using it regularly and want it to last, then you might want to think about investing a bit more cash and getting a quality machine. Buying from a good supplier will give you a warranty and they will stock spare parts in case you need to fix your washer. Taking these points into consideration will help you narrow your search for a suitable washer.ย 

Know The Lingo

Dealing with online stores or your local supplier sales rep, they might throw some confusing lingo at you. It can be bamboozling if you donโ€™t know what they are talking about. Here is a quick guide to the terminology used when dealing with pressure washers. 

HP = Horsepower. 

This indicates the power of the motor, which relates to the pressure your machine can put out. More horsepower means higher maximum pressure. 

PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch

This is what pressure is measured in. If you have higher needs for your pressure washer, such as tough surfaces or thick layers of grime, you will want more pressure. If you need it for delicate surfaces then you wonโ€™t need as much.

GPM = Gallons Per Minute

This indicates the volume of water that your pressure washer can put out. This depends on a few factors in your machineโ€™s design, for more pressure you are going to need a higher GPM.  

CPU = Cleaning Power Units

This combines the GPM and the PSI to give you a number that quantifies your machineโ€™s cleaning ability. This is calculated by multiplying the GPM x PSI. Itโ€™s worth looking at this number closely as it will give you a better idea of the ability of a pressure washer. 

Once you know the jargon, you can avoid being sold an inadequate machine or being taken advantage of by a sneaky salesperson. 

Gasoline Powered Or Electric

This relates to the first step, the needs of your pressure washer. You now know the lingo, so you can decide exactly what you need. Gasoline-powered washers are much more powerful than their electric counterparts, so If you have more heavy-duty needs, you almost certainly will want to opt for a gas-powered machine. However, if you will be using your washer indoors or for more delicates jobs, you may want to consider electricity. A gas machine will require more maintenance and replaced parts, but with proper care, it can last you a long time. An electric motor will require less maintenance but will be more difficult to fix when it does break down, and replacement parts may cost as much as a new machine. In both cases, you should thoroughly research your options and find a quality machine that suits your needs. 

Hot or Cold Water

This is another choice which depends on your needs. For the average pressure washer user, you most likely wonโ€™t need a hot water machine. However, if you are dealing with oil and grease you are going to need it. A hot water machine can help you get a job done faster and helps to remove things that cold water just canโ€™t do as fast. Having a good cleaning schedule can help you organize your cleaning needs, and prioritize what’s important for your pressure washer.  You can get both electric and gasoline-powered hot water machines, so consider how often you will use them, what kind of substances you will be cleaning, and if time is a factor if you are going to need a machine that is that bit more efficient. A hot water machine will of course add a bit more to the cost of your machine, so itโ€™s worth considering if itโ€™s necessary or not. 

Wands, Tips, And Other Accessories

The motor and pump are not the only parts of your pressure washer you need to consider before making a purchase. The parts of the machine you will be using to clean are just as essential as what pumps the water. The Wand is the handpiece of the pressure washer, and you will want to check the quality of the wand provided with a machine if it is replaceable or changeable, and if it is going to meet your needs in terms of comfort, reach, and durability. The tip is the nozzle of the wand and affects the spray and direction your pressurized water will blast. You may need special tips for specific jobs, so make sure your machine is compatible with the tips you will need to use. If you need extra range for your machine you may need a hose extension, and you will want to make sure that it’s compatible with your washer.ย  If you are getting a higher-end machine, there will be a plethora of accessories to go with it. Always check out the full range of what is available for your model of pressure washer.ย 

Buying a pressure washer can help improve your business, maintain your property or make your prized possessions look like new. Itโ€™s always worth taking the time to shop around and make a careful consideration before you make a purchase. 

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