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Photography Angles to Try

Every Sunday I will share easy photography tips for new photographers, busy bloggers, or those who just want to learn more about staging and styling photographs. I’ll let the experts teach the technical stuff, but I’m teaming up with Mariah Meyer Photography to bring you ways to save money on your gear, easy ideas to take better photos, and simple styling tips. Today’s topic is all aboutmoving your feet and taking photos from different angles. Read more of the photography tips in my archives, and get ready for these sweet tips for the season.

Camera Angles to Try

There are quite a few angles that can be used when taking a photo that gives you endless possibilities and unique perspectives. However, there are a few basic ones that are good to keep in the back of your mind when deciding how you would like your photo to look. Any angle can capture an emotion, but each has its own diverse qualities.

From above:

  • If you are taking photos of babies, this is a great angle to use. Infants who canโ€™t yet sit on their own can be difficult to photograph in any way other than from above unless someone is holding them or you put them in something such as a bucket or basket. You can take a photo like this both up close as well as farther away depending on if youโ€™d like to focus more on just the face or rather the body as a whole.
  • This angle is especially helpful for newborn images unless you prop them on a bean bag chair. Check out this example taken from above.

Straight forward:

  • This is the go-to angle and is basically taking a photo straight in front of you. Although it is simplistic, it works for a variety of things, such as headshots, family photos, toddlers, etc. Just because you are taking the image this way doesnโ€™t mean that your subjects must be facing you.
  • For example, this image was taken straight forward, however, the subjects were positioned so that only one person was looking at the camera.
  • This one was also taken straight forward with the camera at a bit of a tilt to emphasize the theme of the image.

From the side:

  • Images from the side can also be a unique concept. Often this is done with headshots to show the persons โ€œgood side.” This is in reality just a version of the straight forward angle, with the subject turned to the side.
  • This image was taken on the side of the subject rather than straight on, it gives a unique look to the image.

At a distance:

  • Taking photos at a distance can capture both light and emotion more effectively. Placing your subjects farther back from where you are will create an effect as if you are not there taking a photo but rather you are in the moment.
  • This family photo takes this idea and applies the โ€œin the momentโ€ effect. A family together as one, but as if the photographer isnโ€™t actually there โ€œtakingโ€ a photo but rather capturing a moment that the family is enjoying.

Close up:

  • Close up images are meant to capture the eyes, the face, and emotions. In contrast to taking images from far away, close-ups can also provoke a more personal emotion.
  • Itโ€™s especially helpful for capturing eyes in images of young children such as this one.

Do you try unique angles in your photography? Which angle will you try next?
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