Pros and Cons of Dog Ownership

Many people dream of owning a dog someday! Is it the right thing to do though? Is being a dog owner really for them? Before you get a dog, review the pros and cons first! Dog ownership is not all cuteness and cuddles. And, getting a pet is not an easy decision- it’s definitely a major life decision.


Great Companions

Dogs can be great companions for children, no matter the breed or size. The important part is to socialize your dog with children at an early age- and to teach your children the importance of respecting animals. They must know first and foremost to be gentle and learn when an animal might need space.

Unconditional Love

Dogs give unconditional love to their humans. There’s definitely nothing like coming home from work or errands to greeted by an excited animal! You can also cuddle and snuggle with your dog and have a companion for car rides and vacations. Dogs can also calm you down after a hard day at work and make you feel inspired- and overall enhance your well-being and comfort levels.

If you find yourself going through mental health challenges, you can lean on a dog for support. They can help you reduce your overall stress and anxiety. They also help provide you with a sense of purpose, like most pets! You have to get up and get moving to walk your dog, feed them, and take care of them. They need you! Dogs can help improve our lives in many different ways.


Dogs can also teach us patience. Training a dog will definitely teach you patience! The more you opt to train your dog yourself (rather than hire a seasoned trainer!) the more your patience will improve. But it’s definitely worth it to know you and your dog worked together as a team!


Even small dogs can help to alert you to strange noises or any suspicious activities around your house. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and can even detect gas leaks or fires on your property. While your dog might be a great first line of defense, don’t depend on them to prevent a burglary or a fire. Your dog is your best friend or a sidekick. Together, you can keep your home safe and each do your own part.


A dog can help teach your kids the skill of being responsible. Even the youngest kiddo can help dry a dog’s dish after washing it or tell you a water bowl needs to be refreshed or refilled. Kids can also help you brush the dog and clean up the dog toys (preferably when they’re also cleaning up their own toys!) Helping to take care of the dog can help your kiddos realize having a pet and caring for them goes hand in hand, and meeting care requirements is very important.



The first item that needs to be addressed when you bring a dog home, is the house training. Dogs, unlike cats, need to be housebroken and to do this means you have to take your puppy or adult dog on many walks and go outside a lot. It can require a really large time commitment and patience. Some dogs might also need obedience training. You might be able to train your dog yourself but it is advisable to hire an experienced trainer.


Having a pet can be expensive. Regular check-ups or vaccines might not cost too much, but vet emergencies can happen anytime and ALSO be quite expensive. It would be smart to set aside an emergency fund and kiss part of your paycheck goodbye. This also doesn’t include regular expenses like food, toys, treats, and beds!

When it comes to dog food, you would want to buy the best quality possible to make sure your furry friend is getting all the nutrients he or she needs. This could get pricey, especially if you have a large dog. 

If you want to avoid extra expenses, do not give your pets table scraps. This could lead to them becoming overweight or getting sick. The one question many people have when it comes to table scraps are “can dogs eat Vienna sausages?”, or “can cats really drink milk?” Be sure to do your research thoroughly before feeding your pets people food. As mentioned before, medical bills are expensive, and you certainly donโ€™t want to be the person responsible for those.


Dogs are able to be left home alone, but not for long periods of time. They need regular walks and they also enjoy human companionships. If you travel for work, you’ll need a sitter or dog boarder for your pet. This also is an added expense to any vacation. Before bringing home a dog, ask yourself is this something you can afford or if this a good lifestyle for a pet? And would you be willing to change your lifestyle and commit to dog ownership for a pet?


Different types of dogs can cause allergies. For example, some people are allergic to short-haired dogs but are fine with long- hair dogs. If you’re unsure about your allergies, try spending time with different friend’s dogs before your commit to dog ownership yourself. Allergies might also factor in if you’d like a pet but your family member or roommate has the allergies.

Getting a dog is not an easy decision, so itโ€™s important to look at pros and cons. In this post we’ve given some helpful tips on how to make your family happy with an addition of four-legged friend!

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