6 Reasons Rescue Dogs Make the Best Pets

Caring for a dog is a big responsibility and a life-changing opportunity. Many pet owners feel that their quality of life has drastically improved from the moment they welcomed a four-legged friend into their homes. After all, a dog is a true companion, one whoโ€™ll stay by your side through thick and thin. Theyโ€™ll make you laugh, comfort you during your darkest moments, and ensure that youโ€™re never alone.

Given the above benefits, you may be thinking of getting a canine companion yourself. Before getting a dog, though, youโ€™ll need to make the necessary preparations to keep them happy and comfortable in your home. This means investing in essential pet supplies like PrideBitesโ€™ pet merchandise, including but not limited to stainless steel bowls, leashes, toys, and bedding. Remember, your future pup will give you unconditional love, so itโ€™s only fair that you provide them with the best care.

As for how to get a dog, there are several ways of going about it. Some people purchase them from a reputable breeder or pet store. Alternatively, you can choose to adopt them from a shelter. The latter method has been growing in popularity over the years, with adoption rates rising annually in the U.S. In 2020 alone, the number of dogs entering shelters decreased by 32 percent, while euthanasia rates decreased by 44 percent.

Whether youโ€™re a veteran pet parent or a new dog owner, there are many reasons why adopting a shelter dog is a great choice:

Youโ€™ll Save a Life and Help a Shelter

Adopting a dog means that youโ€™ve saved a life. Even if the shelter youโ€™re adopting from doesnโ€™t practice animal euthanasia, some dogs may be sent to another shelter, especially if theyโ€™re not adopted soon. Not to mention, adopting a dog will free up shelter space for other rescues. This way, resources can be allocated to more canines that are in dire need of assistance.

Youโ€™ll Have Plenty of Options to Choose From

Some people believe that they can only find mixed-breed dogs in shelters, which is partly why they hesitate to adopt. But nothing can be further from the truth, as statistics reveal that more than 30 percent of shelter dogs are actually purebreds.

So, if youโ€™ve been eyeing a particular dog breed, you can certainly adopt one after searching through shelters. Of course, you might change your mind after seeing an adorable mixed-breed dog. Remember, love knows no bounds. In fact, you might just find an unexpected soulmate during your search. 

Youโ€™ll Find a Compatible Companion

Another great benefit of shelter adoption is that you can get properly acquainted with your future companion. Most animal shelters make it a point to gather information about each dogโ€™s personality, needs, medical history, and temperament. This is particularly helpful when deciding whether a pooch is a perfect match for your home and lifestyle.

Youโ€™ll Get to Save Money

The price of dogs often depends on their lineage and breed. Due to this, youโ€™ll find that many purebred dogs can be rather expensive. Conversely, adopting a shelter dog usually comes at a very low price. Even better, this price often covers other medical services like neutering or spaying, essential vaccinations, and microchipping.

Youโ€™ll Get an Incredibly Devoted Canine

All dogs are affectionate, no matter where they come from. However, shelter dogs can provide a special kind of love and devotion to their human caretakers. After all, many rescued canines have complicated histories or come from less-than-ideal backgrounds. Some shelter pups may have been abandoned while others may have experienced maltreatment. As such, theyโ€™ll be twice as grateful to be given a chance to live a comfortable life in a warm home.

While it might take some time to build trust between you and your dog, especially if theyโ€™ve had a difficult past, youโ€™ll soon find that itโ€™s well worth the effort. Your dog will do everything it can to show how much they appreciate you, from guarding your home to showering you with affection at every minute.

You May Not Need to Expend Much Energy on Training

Puppies are undoubtedly adorable, and getting young dogs is a good idea if you want more control over shaping their temperament and behaviors. However, puppies can also be a handful, especially if you lead a busy life. Younger dogs require a lot more patience as they need to be housebroken and put through basic behavioral training.

By contrast, if you adopt an older dog at a shelter, they have a higher chance of being potty-trained and even knowing a few tricks. Plus, older dogs tend to be calmer and more mature, which saves you from dealing with the endearing chaos that comes with raising a puppy.

With the right environment and care, any canine can be a wonderful companion, regardless of their origins and breed. That said, adopting a shelter dog will give a second chance to a pooch who desperately needs it. By rescuing a canine, you can save a life, help a shelter, and find the perfect furry friend without breaking the bank. Most importantly, you can experience the indescribable joy of helping another living creature heal and find happiness after everything theyโ€™ve experienced in the past.

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