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DIY Cardboard Box Glider Craft

By the end of the summer, the boredom with young kids can seem palpable. You’ve exhausted nearly every activity possible and if you have to watch one more animated film featuring anthropomorphized toys, you are probably going to go a little mad. It’s time to get a little creative. Especially if you also have some unfinished house chores that have been piling up. For us, it was a garage full of empty cardboard boxes that were waiting to be flattened.

So for a fun summertime activity, we decided to make our own jumbo glider plane out of our collection of cardboard boxes.

DIY Glider Craft

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To start with, we found a basic glider design from the internet. There are a variety of different types but a simple three-piece design like this is easily scalable to a larger size.

DIY Glider Craft

Next up, we cut some boxes down to individual panels.

DIY Glider Craft

Using the design cut out, trace the individual pieces onto the cardboard panels and cut them out. This was also the point you can let the little ones decorate the pieces to make it more festive.

DIY Glider Craft

Attach the main wings by cutting a slot into the main body and inserting the wings. Cut small slits into the rear of the tail to make a flap that can be adjusted to change the flight path.

DIY Glider Craft

Attach the rear wing my creating interlocking slots. Use packing tape to secure the seams.

DIY Glider Craft

And just like that, you’ll have a fun craft activity to do with your kids and kill some of that boredom.

DIY Glider Craft

You’ll eliminate the empty boxes that have accumulated because of your internet shopping addiction.

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