Replacing Your AC Before The Summer

When the warmer weather of the summer, itโ€™s a good idea to have your AC inspected by a professional. While regular servicing and repairs can help your AC provide good service for many years the average AC still needs replacing every 10 to 15 years on average. Getting your AC replaced before the summer is advisable for several reasons. Here are some reasons you should have your AC replaced before the summer rolls around.

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Why Replace Your AC Before the Summer?

Often when people have an aging AC they wait for it to totally fail before getting it replaced. While this is understandable, it is often not the best course of action in terms of your finances and your comfort as well.

  • Better Energy Efficiency: when the weather starts to warm up your need for AC also goes up. An older AC unit is often inefficient. Inefficient AC units have to run longer and work harder to keep your home cool. This leads to increased energy costs and, in some cases, your AC may not be able to effectively cool your home. A new AC unit keeps your home cooler and saves money throughout the summer.
  • Frequent Breakdowns and Increased Repairs: an aging AC unit can break down more often, requiring more frequent repairs. These breakdowns can make staying comfortable during the summer far more difficult due to your AC being unreliable. Plus, these increased repairs can be costly, requiring man-hours and new parts. Over time, these increased repair costs can be more costly than simply replacing the aging unit.
  • Better Air Quality: an older AC can have difficulties effectively cleaning the air cycling throughout your home. Issues can include problems with correcting the humidity in your home and effectively filtering the air. A new AC will be more effective in managing and cleaning the air in your home. New units also often have new features that make cleaning the air in your home far more efficient and improve indoor air quality. This is especially important if you (or someone in your family) has allergies or breathing-related health issues. 
  • Reduced Chance of an Inconvenient Breakdown: finally, you should not overlook how frustrating having an aging AC can be especially when you need it. An unpredictable AC means you can suddenly find yourself in a hot home during the warmest part of the day, when youโ€™re trying to sleep, or without the ability to cool your home while waiting for your AC to be repaired.

What About The Furnace?

When getting your AC replaced, the question ofย should I also replace my furnaceย is one that you are likely to consider. There are several reasons to consider getting both units replaced at the same time. You can save costs by having both jobs done at the same time. In addition, performance from both systems can improve, ensure you meet efficiency guidelines, and make maintenance and repair easier. Also, while furnaces in general far outlast AC units in lifespan, if your furnace is aging it can reduce the efficiency of your new AC. Replacing both systems at the same time is advisable provided your furnace isnโ€™t relatively new (five years old or newer).ย 

Final Thoughts

When preparing for the coming warmer weather, you want to make sure you are properly prepared. The last thing you want is your aging AC to fail during the hottest parts of the year. This is not only an inconvenience, it can also put your health in danger as the summer heat can be dangerous. By having your AC examined and replaced by a professional, you donโ€™t have to worry about being comfortable and safe this summer.

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