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If you like experimenting with new things, group exercise sessions may be the ideal option for you. If you don’t want to work out alone or would rather work out in person than at home solo, group exercise sessions might also be the finest alternative. The following are four of the most popular types of group fitness workouts available today atย gyms in Bellingham.

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Hot Yoga Sessions

Hot yoga classes are quite popular these days. These hot yoga sessions generally last 60 minutes and include a large number of postures that target all parts of the body through yoga postures held for up to several minutes at a time. You have plenty of time to relax during this routine since there are numerous pauses in between each posture.

If you’re already a yoga fanatic, hot yoga sessions may be ideal since they will almost certainly heighten the intensity of your workout and last longer than traditional yoga classes. This routine, on the other hand, is not for people accustomed to strength training in the gym since there’s no focus on weights or resistance equipment of any kind.

If you’ve never heard of hot yoga, it’s a form of yoga performed in an extremely heated and often humid room. We use the term “hot” to indicate anything from 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Everyone becomes drenched in perspiration, which is draining. Doing hot yoga has several health benefits, including body detoxification, increased metabolism, and stress relief.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

A HIIT boot camp may be the ideal choice if high-intensity interval training interests you. These routines generally last 45 minutes and include 10-30 second intervals alternating between high-intensity activity and low-intensity rest periods. A HIIT session can burn as many calories per hour as traditional cardio exercise while also strengthening the heart and lungs. If you enjoy working out at home but usually do so with normal cardio exercises, HIIT workout classes may be right for you.


Boxing workouts are similar to kickboxing workouts, but they focus more on upper body conditioning than lower body flexibility. These training sessions will most likely last at least one hour and will almost certainly include punching dummies of various kinds, speed, and agility workouts, as well as being hit by your instructor with special pads.

If you’re looking for a unique way to get your heart racing and your brows damp, a group fitness session is the thing to try. These group fitness sessions will provide you with a fantastic cardiovascular workout while also toning up and increasing strength if you push yourself through numerous exercise levels. If going at a slower speed or following conventional cardio routines gets tedious or isn’t difficult enough, this may be the ideal workout class for adding intensity to your routine while still providing variety.

TRX (Total Resistance Exercises)

If you’re interested in suspension training, check out what your local gym has to offer. Suspension training is similar to this form of exercise technique in which you hang from two straps that are frequently linked to fitness equipment like a jungle gym. The TRX workout straps and your own body weight may be used to perform a variety of exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once for increasing intensity quickly.

If you work out at the gym alone and are bored, this exercise is for you. If you’re accustomed to exercising with weights or resistance equipment, this routine may be ideal since it will almost certainly improve your exercise intensity beyond what a typical strength workout would.

Give Workout Classes a Try!

Many different types of classes are offered in gyms throughout the United States, in addition to the four sorts mentioned above. Some gyms provide a single workout class every day, while others offer one each hour. If you’re not sure what sort of exercises your gym offers, inquire about it or check out your gym’s exercise brochure first before looking for various workout routines at other gyms around town.

There are several reasons why joining a group fitness session might be ideal for you and your exercise goals if you haven’t been able to work out alone at home recently. Working out with a group of other people may motivate you to go above and beyond during each session and throughout the week.

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