How Can You Benefit from EMDR Therapy?

Depression is no more a tabu, and people are now more vocal about it. Post-trauma stress syndrome(PTSD) is a known issue faced by most people nowadays, and psychiatrists offer various techniques to overcome such mental issues. 

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One such known and most worked technique is Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy or EMDR treatment. Many organizations have used it for treating PTSD in people. 

The demand for this treatment has been rising in Lakewood due to rising awareness. The charges for emdr therapy lakewood co, are different depending on the provider. Usually, for a $75-minute intake session, $160-minute sessions moving forward, $100-minute sessions or up to 10 hours of EMDR therapy are included, which comes to around a $1500 monthly package if paid entirely on the first day of the month. 

How can you benefit from such therapy? Read on to know. 

It helps in getting rid of bad memories of your past.

With EMDR therapy, you can get rid of bad memories of your past. It is a straightforward process and can be done in the comfort of your home or office. The therapist will guide you through the process that helps erase all the negative emotions from your mind, thus allowing you to move forward with life’s activities without any fear or anxiety about your past experiences.

If your medical insurance covers counseling, EMDR will probably be covered as part of trauma treatment. But many EMDR sessions in Lakewood last more than the typical 45โ€“60 minutes.

You can overcome the nightmare. 

You can overcome the nightmare caused by past trauma in just a few sessions.

This treatment helps you to understand that your body has been traumatized and needs time and patience to heal. It will take a lot of courage to face your fears and remain strong even when faced with challenges, but there’s no better way than with EMDR therapy!

You can adapt and cope with your present life.

EMDR therapy in Lakewood, CO, which has been the subject of numerous research, has a remarkable success rate of up to 77% for treating PTSD.

You can benefit from such counseling as you will learn how to adapt and cope with your present life.

Emotional Distress Management (EDM) is a type of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis to help patients deal with emotional issues that may cause distress. EDMs are effective because they allow patients to control their thoughts, feelings and behaviors by reprogramming them so they no longer cause anxiety or stress when triggered by negative thoughts or memories.

It helps cure PTSD. 

The treatment can help you deal with your problems related to post-traumatic stress disorder. When you are dealing with issues such as flashbacks, nightmares and other symptoms, EMDR therapy can help you overcome these issues. It helps by stimulating the brain and releasing chemicals responsible for healing the mind.


EMDR therapy restores this balance in your autonomic nervous system through relaxation techniques that slowly help restore your mental attitude while enhancing it, simultaneously making you feel more confident about yourself and your physical health! And It works!

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