Guaranteed Ways to Get Better Sleep

There are millions all over the world who wish they could get better sleep. So, you are not alone. Bad sleep can all but ruin your life, so here are some handy tips to improve slumber.

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Have a Sleep Routine

Almost all medical experts will tell you that you need to have a good routine for sleep that works. Of course, there is no set way for this because everyoneโ€™s life is different. But there are some things you can easily shoehorn into your daily tasks. For instance, try going to bed at the same time each night. You can also use holistic aids like melatonin lotion to promote sleep when getting ready for bed. And you can also help by using your bed for sleeping only, so no work.

Plug Your Ears

Some people need complete darkness. And others are very sensitive to sounds. Blocking out light is relatively simple. But sounds are a little trickier. And when you canโ€™t get to sleep because of noisy neighbors, traffic, or a snoring partner, it can be a nightmare. But ear plugs work well for dulling most sounds at around a 27db reduction. You can use disposable earplugs. But these arenโ€™t meant for long wear. Soft silicone ones are better, and these donโ€™t go inside your ear.

Get Better Sleep by Ditching the Drinks

You arenโ€™t alone if you wake up to pee during the night. Around 70% of people do this most nights. But it can be bad for your sleep patterns and cause all kinds of problems the next day, such as brain fog and tiredness. Of course, there are age issues that affect sleep. But for the most part, you can reduce how much you pee during the night by simply drinking less. Try not to drink anything around three hours before your desired sleep time, and you might just be okay.

Invest in Good Bedding

It seems like an obvious solution, but many people buy cheap bedding and wonder why they donโ€™t sleep well. And this can be an ongoing process as well. But, of course, bedding can get expensive. But buying the best you can afford really does make a difference. And the investment will last around ten years. Mattresses topped with memory foam are popular, and they can help with many issues, such as an aching back and restless legs, and keep you cool.

Keep Your Bedding Clean

Of course, thereโ€™s no point in spending a small fortune on your bedding only to have it wear out too quickly. And you will have a bad sleep if your bedding is dirty. It is recommended that you wash your sheets weekly. And you should clean your mattress and other parts of the bed monthly. This helps prevent bed bugs and eliminates dust that can cause irritation. Cleaning with a handheld vacuum and a steam cleaner will do an excellent job of cleaning your bed.


Your life will change if you go out of your way to get better sleep. It helps to establish a good sleep routine, not drinking anything a few hours before bed, and keeping your bedding clean.

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