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Thanks to Disney for the #DisneyKids party supplies.

Planning a children’s party can be overwhelming, but luckily, there are a few shortcuts that you can use to make it fun and easy. If I can create a plan of action to follow, I usually will be organized and the party will flow naturally. I like to create reminders the weeks before of little to do items that I can do ahead of time. We all don’t need to plan Pinterest-worthy parties! Just add some sprinkles, a few games, and a comfortable atmosphere to make your next Disney themed party a success.

Disney Party Tips

Disney Party Ideas

Think small. We always have leftover cake and cupcakes, so I like to serve mini-sized versions of everything!

Disney Party Tips

Mini cupcakes, smaller portions of appetizers to share, and I use smaller bowls and plates. You don’t have to skimp on the menu! I just know that I always over-serve and over-cook ahead of time. Gauge exactly how much you need for a party so there won’t be any additional food waste. We used these cupcake combo packs to make creative cupcakes without going overboard.

Disney Party Tips

Create simple favor bags. I remember that favor bags were such a thing growing up. They don’t have to be extraordinary or burst your birthday budget. Look for affordable items like stickers and snacks to take home to create a fun treat bag for kids.

Disney Party Tips

You can even set up a sticker station (or a temporary tattoo station!) to outfit little ones with their favorite characters.

Disney Party Tips

Sprinkles go a long way. Customize any party snack with character sprinkles to make any bowl of popcorn an on-theme dish!

Disney Party Tips

Are you ready to plan your child’s Disney birthday party? Download our free kid’s birthday party plan. It was originally hosted on an old site of mine, Sunny Soirees, and I brought the printable here for you to enjoy. Thanks to Karen’s Soirees for the design!

Birthday Party Plan

Kid’s Birthday Party Plan Free Printable

Disney Party Recipes

How do you organize your parties? Does it stress you out or do you enjoy the process?

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