Last Day of School? Here Are 7 Ways to Celebrate

If you have kids, you know that the last day of school is joyful. You can remember what it felt like when late spring turned to summer and multiple school-free months stretched ahead. 

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As a parent, maybe you feel like an after-school activity is only fair. You want to reward your kids for all the hard work theyโ€™ve done during the year, so here are a few ways you might celebrate this monumental day.

Have a Party

You can rent out one of the best event centers in Utah and have a party. You can have your children invite their friends and hire a DJ. They can show off their dance moves. You can serve punch or soda and chaperone while they talk about the school year they survived and their plans for the long summer ahead.

Order Some Pizza

You might head home with your kids and tell them they can order pizza from their favorite place. Maybe theyโ€™ll want some wings and breadsticks as well. If your kids have more refined tastes, you might go with something else. Perhaps youโ€™ll order sushi or Thai food.

Go Out to a Restaurant

Maybe you feel like your kids are old enough to behave well when you take them out to a restaurant. You can all get in the car and head to your favorite spot. Perhaps youโ€™ll try a more upscale bistro. You can see whether your kids are mature enough for a fancier dining experience.

Have a Movie Night at Home

You might have a movie night at home with the kids. You can use a streaming service like Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. The kids can pick some old favorites, or maybe youโ€™ll show them some beloved movies from your childhood.

Video Game Night  

You can have a video game night at home. Maybe you can all play a family-friendly game like Mariocart. Your kids can have some friendly competition, and you can try to keep up. Perhaps you can show them you have some surprising video game skills if you revive some old classics from your youth.

Go Out and See a Movie

You might head to a movie theater and see the latest big-budget flick. Perhaps youโ€™ll see a Marvel movie, and your kids can pretend theyโ€™re Iron Man or the Hulk while they exclaim over the special effects. You can buy them some candy and popcorn. Theyโ€™ve had a long school year, and you probably figure theyโ€™ve earned it.

You Can Pick Out a New Pet

Maybe you told your kids that if they were good all year and got excellent grades, you would get them a new dog or cat. Now is your chance to visit the shelter so they can pick one out. Picking out a new pet  they can take care of will teach them responsibility.

Remember that your kids try hard at school. Doing something special for them on the last day is a way you can show them you notice.

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