How To Take Proper Care Of Your Wine Collection

Developing your wine collection takes time, effort and can be costly. Any wine connoisseur will understand that not every wine is the same and this can be a very delicate beverage, which requires careful attention to detail when it comes to storage. It is a known fact that wine can be very expensive, particularly one that is stored the longest and there are a few factors that can change its quality. 

Once the wine is exposed to environmental factors such as oxygen, light, and adverse temperatures, it will lose its flavor and alter its condition. However, bottles can be just as vulnerable to these variables, hence why storing the bottles of wine is crucial to ensure you maintain the good quality of this popular beverage. The last thing you want is to waste your money and time on a collection that has lost its value due to improper storage. This article will discuss how to take proper care of your wine collection so that your wine maintains its quality.ย 

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Store Your Wine at The Adequate Temperature

Temperature is one of the most important factors to consider as it can have a significant impact on the wine, which is why you must store it at a desirable temperature. Extremely hot or cold temperatures may spoil the beverage, even before you open the bottle. Ideally, most wines should be kept at 13ยบC, although it will depend on the type of wine, as they all differ. You may be able to check the manufacturerโ€™s recommendations on the label for the wine. However, regardless of their differences, no wine should be kept in a place below -4ยบC or above 20ยฐC. 

Store The Bottles Horizontally 

This is a tip that not every wine collector is aware of. However, it is an important one to know. Most wines come with corks, which need to be kept moist to prevent premature aging of the wine. You do not necessarily have to do this for wines with screw tops and can keep them in a different position, however, you must follow this tip for corked bottles. This is another reason many individuals opt to store their wine bottles on racks, as this helps to maintain bottles in the right position. 

Invest In Appropriate Storage

Investing in appropriate storage is key to ensure that you take proper care of your wine collection. There are a few different options when it comes to this and you can choose whatever is suitable for the type of wine you collect as well as the space you have available. One of the most popular options is a wine rack, as we mentioned above. This is an effective option as it maintains your bottles in the desired position and it is affordable, although difficult to regulate temperature and exposure to light. The pros behind the review of WhisperKOOL wine coolers recommend investing in a wine cellar cooling unit, particularly if you have the space but are unable to control the humidity and temperature in the room. This will help you ensure that your wine is stored in perfect conditions. 

Protect The Wine From Light Exposure

Light exposure can have a detrimental effect on the wine. This is one of the reasons why most whine is kept in thick and dark glass bottles, as a way to protect them. However, this alone is not enough. It does not matter how long you will be keeping the wine for before you sell it or open the bottle, make sure to keep it in the dark for as long as you have it. Vibrations are also an important factor to be mindful of – keep your wine bottles away from stereo, washer, or dryer as this can also impact the flavors and aromas of your wine. 

Be Mindful Of Humidity

Depending on where you live, humidity may be something that you struggle with in general. This is not ideal for wine collectors as extreme humidity can impact your wineโ€™s longevity. Ideally, your wine should be stored at 60 – 68 humidity levels. Anything under or below this value is not desirable. You can check humidity levels by investing in a hygrometer. This will advise you of the humidity levels as well as the temperature in the room. 

Storing your wine collection properly is essential if you want the wine to retain its high quality. Whether you are thinking of starting a wine collection or already have one, make sure to follow the tips discussed above to ensure that you take proper care of it. 

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