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Whole 30: What’s next?

Whole 30

That Whole 30 was tough, yet so rewarding, but now that you have finished it, what happens next? You just took 30 days to get your eating habits under control, cut out sugar, stopped having that glass of wine at night, and cleaned out your system. You have three options at this point. You can go back to your old habits, do another Whole30 for another month, or integrate the Whole30 principles into your daily life.

One of the best parts of the Whole 30 program was that it broke your addiction to sugar. It showed your body how to function without processed foods and additives that were hiding in your food. Clean eating tastes great and wasn’t as hard to prepare as you thought it would be. If you feel you still need help, do another month of Whole30 to really get this way of eating and looking at food to stick.

You can also add certain foods back into your diet or eat a random cookie without feeling guilty. A word of caution though is to not just slip back to the way you used to eat. Every meal, everything you put into your body, is a choice. Now that you have the Whole30 principles in your healthy toolbox, use them when you need to. Go out and enjoy that vacation you’ve been planning for months. When you come back, you can do a Whole7 or Whole14 to get your body back where you want it.

A key thing to remember is not to feel guilty or shame over what you are eating. Don’t plan cheat days either as they just set you up for a day where you feel guilt-free to eat everything under the sun. Instead, enjoy a bite or two, or even an entire brownie, knowing that all of your other food choices for that day have been solid. You will find that you don’t need to eat a huge piece of cake at that birthday party, but rather, your taste buds are satisfied after just a few bites.

Whole30 was a great way to clean out your system and hit the reset button for your body. That knowledge will help you to keep up your healthy lifestyle now!

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