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Trolls Hair Cupcakes | Trolls Printable Cupcake Toppers

This post is sponsored by Tampico, however, all opinions are my own.

Are you kids Trolls crazy?! I know that I canโ€™t get those clever songs out of my head, and we have binge-watched the DreamWorksTVโ€™s animated series, โ€œTrolls: The Beat Goes On.โ€ Cannot get enough! Between Poppyโ€™s peppy personality and Branchโ€™s sarcasm, our entire family can get behind all things Trolls. Itโ€™s just a lot of fun!

Tampico Cupcakes
Since we love Trolls so much, we created a seriously fun way to decorate cupcakes to celebrate along with Tampico. Using Poppy pink and Branch blue sprinkles, plus a DIY cupcake topper, you can bring the wild and crazy Trolls hair to your favorite desserts too!

Tolls Party Cupcakes

Tampico Cupcakes

Cupcake Printable Download:

Trolls Hair Printable

To use, simply print, cut, and attach to a toothpick. Insert into a cupcake or a cake to create a colorful Trolls inspired treat!

Tampico Cupcakes

Poppyโ€™s cupcake gets an extra punch of flavor when you use Tampico! Did you know that you can use juices in cake batter for added flavor? Yes, you can! Even just adding a tablespoon to half a cup can provide a burst of fun flavor. Give it a try when you make cupcakes next! Tampicoโ€™s Tropical Punch is a great option!

Tampico Cupcakes

I love Tampicoโ€™s single-serve bottles. They are now so easy to take on the go! We have Tropical Punch, and now we are going to continue our own Flavor Hunt so that we can collect them all! My son was so excited to help make these cupcakes after school and paired it with an ice-cold Tampico! He loved adding extra sprinkles and designing his own cupcake.

Tampico Cupcakes

He even added eyes made out of sprinkles to make it look more like his favorite characters!


Tampico Cupcakes

What is your favorite Tampico flavor?

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