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Six Signs Your Home Has A Pest Problem

Every year, people spend a huge amount of money eliminating infestations of pests in their homes. Often, homeowners don’t realise that they have a pest problem until it’s too late and the pests have done some major damage. If you’re worried about a pest problem leading to the need for major renovations to repair the damage, then you can learn the warning signs of a pest problem, so you can catch it much earlier. Here are the top signs to look out for. 

  1. A buildup of dirt and grime. When you’re dealing with pest infestations, you might notice a buildup of grime on your walls. Look out for greasy-looking smudges on your walls. These happen when the body of a rodent rubs against your walls or furniture. You might notice that your house seems dirtier than usual as well, such as crumbs left on the floor or in corners. You might see hair left behind too. 
  2. Pest droppings. One of the common problems that people notice when they have a pest infestation in their home is a collection of pest droppings. Check areas where pests are likely to be, like the attic, crawl spaces, the basement, or the area behind your water heater. If you notice droppings, then you know you have a pest problem. You might be able to use the size and shapes of the droppings to tell what kind of pest you’re dealing with. Rodent droppings are usually cone-shaped, for example, while insect droppings are smaller. 
  3. Strange smells. If you have pests in the home, you will probably notice strange smells too. You might notice the smell of rotting food, as pests often carry off food, and leave pieces behind. If you look, you might find mouldy food in areas where pests are gathering. You might also notice the smell of droppings or urine. If pests are dying in the walls, you will also become aware of a strong, unpleasant smell. 
  4. Damage to fabric. Have you noticed fabric items in your home becoming damaged? This damage might include holes, stains or scratch marks on your furniture or clothing. If you notice damage like this, then it suggests that you have rats, insects or other pests damaging your belongings, and should call a wildlife removal company
  5. Holes and gnaw marks. As well as damage to fabrics, you might see other kinds of damage too. For example, you might find holes in the floors or walls, or scratch marks from tiny nails on the ground. Look out for gnaw marks on cardboard boxes in your storage areas, or electrical wires that have been chewed. This is most common with rat or mouse infestations, as both of these pests love to chew on things. 
  6. Body parts left behind. Insects, as well as leaving droppings, may leave behind body parts. If your home has a problem with insects, you might see discarded skin, wings, or limbs on the window sills and in other spaces in your house.
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