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One of the largest cities in Kyushu and also considered to be the most populous city is Fukuoka. The city stands very close to mainland Seoul. It is the port city that was settled in the year 1889 after the merger of two cities โ€“ the port city of Hakata and the former castle town of Fukuoka. The Mongol invasion forces had chosen the port city to land in the 13th century. The bustling city has an extremely high frequency of domestic and international flights therefore tourists can easily fly from Surabaya to Fukuoka. The tourists can experience amazing places to sightsee as the city is a gateway to Kyushu and other amazing prefectures.

 One of the top attractions or notable things of the place is the interconnected railway system that creates the base for travel to and from any place. Fukuoka city is also known for its cuisines, many Japanese cuisines have been invented here like Hakata ramen, mizutaki, motsunabe, and even yatai culture. With different adventure places, mouth-watering food, and great museums to get a glimpse of the historical events, this city tops the chart in tourism.

Have a look at the places to visit here to make your trip more exciting.

Dazaifu Tenmangu: It is a must-visit in the city as the tourists get a relaxed time while taking a cool stroll. It comes across as one of the important shrines in Japan. The tourists can experience the traditional Shinto architecture. The shrine is known to be built for the remembrance of the spirit of Sugawara Michizane, a key scholar and politician of the Heian Period. The Japanese students believe they will get good results in the examinations and therefore pray here, while you are here donโ€™t miss the local delight Umegaemochi (red bean mochi). You can visit the place via train and bus.

Yanagawa Riverboat Cruise: The Yanagawa River Boat Cruise was built in 1588 and it is a dreamy castle town brimming with nostalgia. One will find moats that are all across the town. It is a Japanese replica of Venice. People love this place as it is serene and they can enjoy a lovely boat ride. While the boat ride gives a pleasant feeling it also gives the travelers a closer look at the Japanese culture while moving through Yanagawa River on a donkobun, experience the trip with the traditional bamboo hat that is enjoyed blissfully alongwith a professional helmsman. You can spend a great time with family and relax to unwind. Additionally, wrap up in the traditional kimono in Yanagawa and enjoy the lined cherry blossom which is a treat to the eyes. Yanagawa is a great place for cherry blossoms with a line of sakura trees along the river. It is a spectacular view when Sakura is in full bloom. 

Canal City Hakata: The ones who are looking for places to shop cannot miss this iconic place as it is known for its largest shopping complex. The shopping complex is the most popular and crowded place as it is the landmark for this destination. The Canal City Hakata consists of more than 200 shops and cafes so it makes the best place to travel with family, shop, and eat traditional and fusion food. The remarkable restaurants in the complex offer tasty treats to the customers that can be cherished forever. The kids will love the water fountain. They host regular shows that attract tourists and kids especially with spectacular lighting and visual effects. This place is one stop for shopping, entertainment, and delightful food.

 Hiramatsu Hakata Restaurant: This European French restaurant was started in 1999 which is known for its delectable original flavors of French cuisine. Winning hearts for over a decade this famous restaurant is a must-visit for any tourist. The chef here has been trained by Michelin-starred chef, Hiroyuki Hiramatsu. He makes delicacies rich in flavors and creates amazing dishes from the seafood and transforms them into French classics. The duck foie gras wrapped in savoy cabbage leaves, served with aromatic sauce is the specialty of this place. The interiors are captivating and show luxury.

This beautiful city is a must-visit as it brings charming natural essence, unforgettable food, ancient temples, lovely beaches, and more. There are ample things to do in Fukuoka and the best part of the city is the transport as it is convenient and makes places to visit more accessible.

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