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Healthy Travel Tips: How Traveling Inspires Me to Get Healthy

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Summer is a time of reflection for me. We get to travel more, eat good food, relax, and practice self-care. I have been journaling and using a new planner to create healthy habits too. In order to live our best life, we have to stay fueled up and stay energized. When we are always on the go, I pack snacks to keep us satisfied, and Lorissa’s Kitchen fits the bill.

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With Korean Barbeque Beef Steak Strips, Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Cuts and Original Beef Steak Strips flavors to choose from, you can find your favorite flavor. I was first introduced to Lorissa’s Kitchen a few months ago, and I loved the Korean Barbeque Beef Steak Strips! They are made with only the highest quality meats including 100% grass-fed beef and chicken raised without antibiotics. Plus, all of their snacks are gluten-free and you won’t see any preservatives, added growth hormones, added MSG, or added nitrates. I can feel good about taking these with us to a theme park or on a road trip.

Lorissas Kitchen Snacks

Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks make it simple to enjoy healthy eating on the go. There is a good source of protein in each serving which makes it easy for us to start our day early and celebrate summer long after sunset. And, just how do we spend our days in this season? Traveling as often as we can!

Healthy Travel Tips: How Traveling Inspires Me to Get Healthy

When we became annual pass holders at a local theme park, I quickly realized how out of shape I had become. Working from home can be fun, but it also seems to make us not as mobile as we would like to be. I spend long days at a desk typing and emailing along with setting up photography shoots and moving between my desk, the patio, and the store to shop for my family. I never seemed to find time to work out or walk. Even just spending a day walking around a theme park in the hot Florida sun was too much for me. So, I started to walk more. It is a simple thing to start, but it made all the difference in our travels.

Finding the right shoes also helped us power on our travels. Comfortable soles and supportive straps are important while also being cute! I like squishy sandals with fabric straps to help get through those miles in the summer heat.

Lorissas Kitchen Snacks

Tracking your daily steps is a true motivator. Once I saw how much I was walking at my favorite them park (I’m talking miles and miles… like 10 miles a day!), it became a goal for me to bring that into my daily life. I started writing it down in a planner, and I made you a simple fitness goals planner to help you get started on your own goals.

Printable Fitness Tracker

Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals Printable

Free Fitness Printables

Traveling inspires me to get healthy so that I can enjoy more of our trip. I can walk more without feeling weary, and I stay full throughout the day with simple snacks like Lorissa’s Kitchen.ย Discover more about whatย Lorissaโ€™s Kitchenย is made of!

Lorissas Kitchen Snacks

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Lorissas Kitchen Snacks

So, where will Lorissa’s Kitchen take you? Do you find that traveling is a motivation for you to get healthier?ย 

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