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Fantastic Ideas To Help You Plan Your Next Dinner Party

As the lockdown eases in most parts of the world and socializing resumes, a dinner party is more than a welcomed idea; it is fantastic! Hosting a dinner party requires you to plan for it. You would not want to give people who have been waiting for over a year a shabby dinner party, would you?

Planning a dinner party may prove to be an enormous task, but with adequate time and great tips and ideas, be assured that itโ€™s not that difficult. In this article, weโ€™ve put together fantastic ideas to help you plan your next dinner party successfully.

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  1. Pick a date that suits most of your guests

There is no party without guests. You want to be sure most of your guests will attend your dinner party, so pick a favorable date. For a party with close family and friends, you can call in months ahead to ask for three different dates that they will be available to attend your dinner party. Pick the most common date that works for you and the majority. This will make them feel involved in the planning process and get them excited about the party. You may not be able to call all the guests for a large party; however, you can still plan the date to suit them, e.g., if your guests are high school teachers, an evening after school lets off for the semester is a perfect date. Settle the date of the dinner party way ahead of time to give you enough time to plan the rest of the party. Check that the date selected does not clash with some other big event your guests may want to attend. Also, when you send invitations, request that your guests rsvp so you know whether theyโ€™ll be available to attend the dinner party or not.

  1. An All-Organic Menu Always Wins

A dinner party is not a good one without great food. If you want your next dinner party to be raved about for months and years even, you must add organic and interesting meals to the menu. Add interesting recipes and food options like using grass-fed organic ground beef instead of the processed ones for your guests. Recipes created with organic food ingredients will add a healthy spice to your menu list. Organic food will also cater to guests with strict dietary restrictions e.g. vegetarians, diabetics. You can make easy organic meals like; 

  • Mashed organic potatoes and veggies (with or without grilled chicken)
  • Brussel sprout and chestnut salad
  • Avocado and veggies (with or without soft boiled egg)
  • Roasted carrots with honey or maple syrup
  • Sweetcorn and Turkey chowder

When spicing up your menu list, donโ€™t risk making a meal for the first time on the day of your party. Try out new recipes at least two times before you add them to the menu list.

  1. Select an interesting theme

The theme of a party can either get your guests excited about your dinner party or make them lose interest. Select an interesting theme that you and your guests can pull off easily. It doesnโ€™t have to be a full costume party, but a specified dress code lets people get creative and excited. Match the decoration of the venue, Playlist, and activities of the day with the overall theme. DIY projects that match the theme for decoration are a great way to add a personal touch to your party. A theme brings all the shine and beauty to the party, so make it a good one.

  1. Recruit as much help as you need

You donโ€™t have to do it all alone. Ask for and accept help from family, friends, and even professionals (event planners). The more heads and hands you have to plan your party, the more ideas you can gather and the faster the work will go. Recruit help for small and big tasks as it will help you focus on other parts of the party that you have to handle on your own. For a dinner party with close family and friends, you can recruit guests to help you out in planning. Having as much help as you need will make the planning process a lot easier.

Being able to meet with each other and commune is incredible after such a tough year. Having a dinner party is the best way to catch up with your loved ones on all the milestones you may have missed, and also create new memories at the same time. Use these fantastic ideas to turn the next dinner party you plan into the party of the year.

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