Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

If you struggle to lose weight, need to lose those last five pounds, or you just want something to help boost your weight loss, try out essential oils. As always with essential oils, never ingest oils that are not specifically intended to be ingested. Be sure to ask the supplier if the oil is intended to be eaten before consuming anything with the oils in. Failure to do so could lead to many stomach issues and/or poisoning if not done correctly. You may also be interested in natural remedies for neuropathy.


Grapefruit Oil will boost metabolism when used. It can be added into a glass of water (look up the recommended amount of drops before ingesting), as well as applied to the skin. Mixing grapefruit oil with coconut oil will create a weight loss moisturizer that can be applied to the areas where weight is easily gained. Apply this mixture twice daily for the best results

When using citrus oils on the skin, be sure to stay out of direct sunlight as the natural chemicals in the oils can react with the sun on your skin and cause a not so pleasant situation. Typically the areas where fat builds are covered by clothing so sunlight is easily avoidable. If you are planning to spend the day at the beach in a swimming suit, skip the weight loss lotion that day.

Lemon Oil is said to dissolve fat as well as rid the body of toxins, two things that will easily aid in weight loss. Using lemon oil mixed with a carrier oil such as almond oil on the skin will reduce the fat cells over time. It has been said that lemon oil will also get rid of cellulite when used daily in a consistent manner for longer periods of time. You could also add this into your bath to allow the body to soak in the oil while you relax and boost your metabolism.

Peppermint Oil will reduce your appetite, great for those who feel the need to always eat, as well as banish cravings, perfect for those who seem to always want that candy bar at the grocery store. It can be used in both of the ways mentioned above, as well as diffusing it. Many people claim that peppermint will curb cravings by simply smelling it. When you want to run and get that ice-cream or candy bar, bring out that bottle of peppermint and take a whiff of it! Your cravings will be gone!

These three oils are also often mixed together in capsules to be taken daily. Triple the weight loss and metabolism boosting powers means that you will lose weight that much easier!

Essential Oil Tips For Beginners

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