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Black Light Address Pumpkins

We JUST got our pumpkins for our porch (we didn’t want them to go bad!), and I decided to add a little paint. No carving here! Instead, I took a tip from Pinterest and created address number pumpkins. Though instead of embellishing with metal numbers or spray paint and stencils, I went for black light paint! Now my porch will be ultra dark and spooky with a few black lights, these babies will certainly GLOW in the nights leading up to Halloween.

Black Light Address Pumpkins
I started with three small pie pumpkins and black light paint from Tulip.

Black Light Address Pumpkins
I then just used the fine tip of the paint bottle to draw my address. One number on each pumpkin!

Black Light Pumpkins
This paint is supposed to be used for fabrics, but I was careful and let these dry before touching or moving them. Since they’re just sitting on my porch, they’re covered and will be fine for the remainder of the month. I wouldn’t leave them outside in the rain or anything, but they are holding up just fine!

Black Light Address Pumpkins
Hooray for puffy paint! These black light address pumpkins were a cinch to create, and they will be a new Halloween tradition. They will be a staple of my decor year after year.

How did you decorate your pumpkins this year?

Black Light Address Pumpkins

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