How to Meal Plan Online With Yummly


Have you ever opened the freezer up and wonderedย what are we having for dinner?ย Meal planning is a great way to avoid that frustration of never knowing what to have, but if you feel like you’re eating the same meals, meal planning can feel redundant.

This is where Yummly comes in! Think of it as Pinterest for recipes–but better. With thousands of recipes, it’s easy to find something new and yummy every night of the week!

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You can start with your favorite bloggers (like myself) or you can start by browsing, or look for something specific. The more you use it, the more customized it becomes for you, including a tab on the homepage labeled “Just for You.” You can sort by seasonal dishes, quick and easy dishes, ones just for you, plus more categories.

When you find a recipe you like, you click the little “Yum” button, and it’s instantly saved to your recipe box! Then, when you’re at the grocery store, the smart phone app will be there with you, including a list of all your ingredients. The Yummly app even comes with a built in shopping list that you can add ingredients to.

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You can also organize your recipes into dinner, snacks, breakfast, etc. Yummly will list the nutritional facts and give you a scale on tastes. Everything you need to know about the recipe is on one page!

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So, whether you’re in the mood for some seafood,ย a pina colada, or some Chili Cheese Bread Dip, Yummly is a great place to find new recipes to try!

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